Monday, September 24, 2012


As you can see, the leaves are starting to change.  We will  miss the most colorful part of the season as we will be leaving for home at the end of this week.

Some colorful leaves in the campground we were staying at.

More leaves and rocks around the pond.

Do you want to catch a frog?

There are nets available to catch frogs with - they must be released after catching.
In my September 22 post, I neglected to tell you something about Louisa May Alcott's home.  Inside the house there were 3 quilts made by her mother!  They had to be at least 150 years old and were in very good condition!  One was pink and brown squares with lighter solid panels separating panels of squares.  One was a flying geese quilt and the third one was white with large blue triangles.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of them.  But I just found pictures of the inside of their home here!  I didn't see the quilts in any of these pictures, however.  Click on Panoramas for a much better look.


  1. Glad you found the Alcott pictures for us; very interesting! I hate you'll miss most of the foliage, but I'm glad you'll be coming home soon. I have to admit I'll miss checking your blog every morning to see the places you've been! Have safe travels! ---"Love"

  2. Wow, such wonderful photos. I read some older posts and enjoyed them too. We are planning a cross country trip next year and you have given me some wonderful ideas of places to go.

    blessings, jill

  3. I'll send you pictures of Fall. It happens all around me!


  4. So lovely!! Thanks for the link to the Alcott home! I LOVED Little Women!! Have a great remaining trip!!

  5. Great panoramas of the house! Wish the quilts had been in the pictures
    The campsite looks pretty.(well maybe not the frog part). Wanna hear a funny frog story? When er lived in Florida we had a caged in pool but we sometimes got critters inside the cage. We had a drying rack out by the pool for our swimsuits. One day I grabbed mine, pulled it on and screamed. There was a small tree frog in my suit with me. I never forgot to check it for critters again. :)

  6. Such wonderful pictures - thank you for taking us along on your trip.

  7. glad your having so much fun, our weather is beautiful isn't it and amazing the leaves are changing so nice for you to get to see that.