Saturday, September 15, 2012


We arrived in Maine a few days ago and we're camping near Phippsburg where the weather has been gorgeous all week

View of campground from our camper

We haven't seen a moose yet, but we've seen chipmunks!  They play on the stone wall next to our camper.

Stone walls abound in New England

Pond in the campground that I enjoy walking to.

Working on hand piecing outside the camper.

The Atlantic Coastline on Bailey Island.

Fishing village on Bailey Island.

Another view of the bay on Bailey Island.
I have also been working on some projects inside the camper using my sewing machine - nothing to show yet.  We have been away from home a month now and will probably head home in a couple weeks.  Our last week will be spent in Massachusetts.


  1. Beautiful pictures! You are right: the trip of a lifetime! Continue to have fun, and stay safe! ---"Love"

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like you've found a wonderful spot to camp and the weather is cooperating.

  3. looks to be a beautiful area! Enjoy

  4. I do enjoy traveling with you. You take us to the best places.
    I can't believe you have been gone a month already. I get anxious to get home after a few days. Of course if I had a machine and fabric with me I'd probably be fine ;)

  5. Maine is surely a beautiful state! So glad you guys are having such a great time, not to mention the weather!