Monday, September 10, 2012


It was a beautiful day yesterday when we drove over to Keepsake Quilting, which is about 30 minutes away from our campground, Beaver Hollow.  It is a very impressive store, full of wonderful bolts of fabric and patterns.  I could have spent lots of money there, but I restrained myself.

The have an "outlet" section with lower prices and I did purchase some charm packs there, but of the bolts, there were only 2 that I could find of reproduction fabrics, one of which I already had at home and the other one didn't appeal to me.

Here are the fabrics that I did find.  The black with orange leaves is  Jo Morton FQ and that is all I could find of that.  I love that fabric and had never seen it before!  The black & white stripe is also Jo Morton.  The one on the left is a FQ of Heritage Prints for Benartex (I don't know if you can tell, but the little flowers and dots are kind of a darkish maroon or brownish) and the off white with little circle things is Moda.  The last black is Marcus, design 1114, which I got to use in my "Over the River & Through the Woods" quilt.  I need blacks, browns and beiges or off whites for it. I didn't see anything else that I wanted to spend money on.

However, I am happy with my purchases.  I am hoping to find some other quilt shops along the way, however, so I can't spend all my pennies in one place.

FYI, the temperature got down to 45 last night and is 65 this afternoon!  Love it!  I've been working on my log cabin blocks today and just taking it easy.


  1. You showed excellent restraint... and found some lovely fabrics! Would love to visit Keepsake Quilting some day...

  2. Mmmm, love your choices--we might have had to fight over some of that if I'd been there. : ) And I am going to be there someday. I never dreamed I would ever get to go there, but since DD#1 moved within 10 minutes of the place I will get there for sure. : )

  3. Considering what all is in their catalog, I'm suprized that's all you found, but now you can say you've been there, right? And the fabrics you did find are great!

  4. Wow! The Keepsake grounds are immaculate! What a neat place, in evey sense of the word! Love your fabrics too, and I'm proud of you for going overboard in the one place I figured you might. tee hee! ---"Love"

  5. Lovely fabrics!! Great restraint, but I so understand. I "ponder" fabric for a long time before I purchase!!

    The scenery is beautiful! So glad you are having a nice time!!


  6. Uhhh----I goofed! My comment was supposed to say "I'm proud of you for NOT going overboard" at Keepsake. Sorry! ---"Love"

  7. I would love to visit the shop - the fabrics are great.

    We were in the 50s last night in southwest Ohio, too.

  8. Your photo holds lovely memories of summer!! Lucky you!!
    I love the fabric you chose too!!

  9. What you did find is really pretty fabric. Now you can add to your stash along the way.
    I admire your restraint, cause I probably would have bought a bunch and then had buyers remorse. LOL