Wednesday, September 12, 2012


In 2008 I met my first blogger friend and here is the post I wrote telling about it.  Jewell hasn't been blogging for quite a while, but unbeknownst  (is that a word?) to me she was reading my blog.  Yesterday she read my blog post about going to Keepsake Quilting and sent me an email yesterday.  She said that she and her DH were traveling and planned to go to Keepsake Quilting today.  She left me her phone number, so I called her.

We decided to meet again, so this is actually the 3rd time I've met her (or it might be the 4th because DH said that he had met them once before as well).

We went to have a bite to eat and had a wonderful visit.  Both DHs were truck drivers, so they had a good time telling each other their experiences on the road.  I guess truckers are almost as bad as quilters when they get together!  Hee Hee!

What a coincidence that she was in the same area and happened to read my blog!  This is what makes blogging so much fun (and addictive)!!  It was great to see you again, Jewell!   I hope you get your blog going again soon.

BTW the temps have been quite chilly here at night.  It is 42 right now and yesterday morning it was 40 when I got up!  Today we are heading for Maine!


  1. How fun!! That is the best part of blogging - the friends we meet!!So glad you are having a good time!!


  2. Another friend well met! Hooray for you Ruth!


  3. How nice to meet a blogging buddy------and that husbands had a good time while your were catching up with your friend.

  4. What fun! Wish I had just happened to be in the neighborhood, too. : )

  5. Quilting bloggers really do have a special "universal" connection, and what wonderful friendships are formed! Every morning and night I'm as eager to hear from my blogging buddies as I am my lifelong friends! Glad you got to meet up again with your first blogging buddy. (You didn't break the bank at your second trip to Keepsake, did you? *wink*) ---"Love"

  6. What a tour of friends you are having;) Enjoy yourself and stay warm;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. WOW! Great that you got to see another blogging buddy. Happy travels. Who else will you meet up with on the way?

  8. So wonderful to meet a friend. I would love those cool temperatures.