Sunday, March 31, 2013


Back here I told you about the quintuplets that I am helping with once a week.  Thursday morning when they were all up at once, I asked to have my picture taken with all five.  What a group!  Aren't they adorable?  They have grown so much since my first post about them and are so much fun.  Today, they will be going to church for the first time.  Check out the family blog for more information.

Seth, Marcie, Will, David and Gracie

This week I have been quilting my Civil War quilt and I think I'm a little over half way with it.  I decided to do feathers in the setting squares and I'm doing it without a template.  Here is how I do it using the "hooked on feathers" method from Sally Terry's book of that name.

First I use the magnifying glass to trace around for the center circle.

I quilt feathers on the inside of the circle first, which is my least favorite part.
Finished center of circle.

Finished block.
Believe it or not, doing the feathers this way is pretty easy.  I didn't believe it until I actually started doing them.  Luckily, I got lots of good tips from other bloggers with more experience.

Last week a friend of mine gave me a doll bed.  I almost didn't take it, because I had decided not to take any more, but then she said she was going to throw it away!  That got me!  So I took it, DH fixed it up - it had cracked wood and now it looks great!  Next step is to make a mattress, sheets and quilt!  I already have a doll pillow I can use with it.

Today is Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus' defeat over death and sin.  His free gift of eternal life goes to all who put their belief and trust in Him.  Happy Easter!

BTW, I posted something on Country Log Cabin Secrets.


  1. How kind of you to help out regularly with the quints! Love that photo of the six of you... you definitely have your hands full there.

    What a darling doll bed! No wonder you couldn't pass it up... I'm looking forward to seeing it all fixed up.

    Happy Easter!

  2. The quints are adorable!! What a great friend you are!!! Your feathers look great!!! I think I'm going to try it on a quilt soon!! You've inspired me!!!

    Blessed Easter to you!!

  3. Oh, those babies are all so cute! I can not imagine having them all, but they sure are fun to look at! Lol. I am amazed at your feathers - they look awesome and are not done at all like I would have guessed.
    Don't blame you for taking that cute little doll bed - you will have it all covered up in no time!

  4. Love the photo of you and the quints!

    Your feathers look great! I want to try that technique!!

    country log cabin secrets? inquiring minds wanna know...:)

  5. Wow I can't imagine having 5 babies all at once. Its lovely you get to help the family. Your quilting looks amazing.

  6. The fabulous "five"! Delightful picture of all of you.

    Darling doll bed and I am sure there will be a adorable little quilt and pillow on it soon. Your feathers are wonderful, too!

    Special Easter Blessings to you, Ruth and your family.

    :) Carolyn

  7. What a wonderful photo of you and the fabulous five! I bet the mom is very grateful for helpers like you!
    I applaud you an doing the feathers. I still haven't been brave enough to try a feathered wreath without a stencil. You are doing so well!
    What a great little doll bed. Glad it didn't end up in the trash. : )

  8. Five babies must be a handful - it's so good of you to give the family a helping hand. I really appreciated your pix of the feather quilting. I think I might just give it a try as it looks manageable.

  9. so special that your helping this mom with the babies, they are adorable I bet it brings you joy to do this.
    love the feathers, wow I am so impressed! feathers are my favorite on quilts! I need to practice more thanks for the pictures, I am a visual learner so nice to see how they are done

  10. That's a bunch of babies there;) Your machine quilting is wonderful...I still quilt in straight lines;)

    Happy Quilting!!

  11. You so good with your arms full of babies! Cute picture.
    Love the feathers.

  12. Be still my heart, those babies are adorable. You are a blessing to their family being with them one day a week. Watching the triplets grow up has been such a wonderful experience.
    Nice work on your civil war quilt, look forward to seeing the finish.

  13. I follow the Jones blog and pray for all involved with them!
    I am book marking your blog to see your projects since I also scrappy Civil War era quilts!

  14. Wonderful idea to use a magnifying glass to make a circle - that would work well with a lot of projects.

    Love those babies - and that cute doll bed.

  15. Great littl doll bed...a quilt will make it perfect!