Sunday, December 9, 2012


Today is the Quilter's Christmas Party put on by SewCalGal and we are supposed to tell something about ourselves.  I have been blogging about quilting for 5 years now and my blog has been mostly about that, because that's what I started it for.  But, lately I have been lucky enough to become involved in a very special family.

First, I will backtrack a little.  Years ago my DH and I were missionaries in Colombia, South America and our boys had a particular science teacher while we were there.  That science teacher and his wife had a little girl named Carrie.  Carrie grew up and married Gavin Jones.  They became missionaries in New Guinea, where Gavin is a helicopter pilot and Carrie is a public health worker.

About six months ago, another friend of mine asked me if I had heard that the Jones couple were expecting quintuplets and I hadn't, so she directed me to their blog.  I started following their blog and when they asked for volunteers to help with the babies, and since I love babies, I sent in my name.  (Besides, I'm a grandma with no baby to rock as they live too far away!)  The Jones'  live just 5 minutes from me and I am going there once a week to help with the babies.  For me, it is fun and I'm very happy to be able to help in a small way.

You can visit their blog to find out all about them.  The quintuplets have an older brother who is 8 years old, so they went from 1 boy to 4 boys and 2 girls!  Can you imagine???

Gavin and Carrie holding 4 of the babies.  One baby, Seth, is still in the hospital.

David and Will

Seth - he needs extra treatment for his lungs.
Marcie and Grace
 If you go visit their blog, you can find out more about their work and the daily life of a family with quintuplets.  It is quite a challenge and they need our prayers for strength in the every day challenges that most parents face - times 5!

One last picture of Grace that is so cute:

Gracie showing off her head bow and her cannula: "This is my cannula and I am not ashamed!"
She had an excellent pulmonologist report, praise God, and we are starting to decrease her time on oxygen each day.
One of my favorite Christmas traditions started when I was a child.  My grandmother and aunt would make lefse every year - a Norwegian potato pancake that you put butter and sugar on and roll up.  I got the recipe from them when I was in high school.  When I got married, I started making it myself and although I can't say that I made it every year, I probably did make it the majority of them.  I have already made some and it is safely in the freezer for Christmas Eve.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and remember the One whose birth we are commemorating.


Quilting Babcia said...

What a wonderful opportunity for all of you, the parents, those precious babies and you who gathers up some "gramma" moments by getting to rock them! Your lefse sound wonderful. I love the old world foods; my sister and I will spend an afternoon this week in her kitchen making Polish pierogi, one of my holiday favorites.
Merry Christmas!

The Quilted Dog said...

How lovely that you can help with the quintuplets!

Merry Christmas!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Que Deus te abençoe e a todos família e amigos.Feliz Natal.

---"Love" said...

My goodness! No ---- make that "your" goodness and your expression of Christian love is incredible in helping those parents with their five little ones! What a challenge for them! Your help will not be overlooked! What cuties they all are; I wish the best for all of them. ---"Love"

Nina Marie said...

what a blessing - 5 - wow! But we all know that through service we find true happiness and fulfillment - but OMG - 5 - grin!! They are blessed to have you!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I wish I lived close too! I just told my daughter last night that I miss having a baby around and the hope of a great grandchild is several years away. :( blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that they have these beautiful babies and that you are able to help them.

Beth said...

How wonderful that you reconnected with Carrie. And that you are a volunteer gramma. I so wish I was close so I could help too. I started out my career as a nurse in newborn nursery. I still love to feed babies, rock them, and even change them.
Bless you. Thanks for sharing the pics of those tiny babies.

Lori said...

It really is a small world! What a special thing to be able to do. I bet you are the best grandma!!

Liriopia said...

Lucky, lucky you! So pleased for you and the family!


Barb said...

What a special family - glad you are there to help them out. Can't imagine. Merry Christmas to you!

Barb said...

OMG those babies are so cute - how fun for you to be able to help them. Your tradition sounds fun, I just love Christmas traditions.

Janet O. said...

Bless you for offering your grandmother skills to them at this time of intense need.

Marsha said...

How wonderful is that! Glad you are close enough to help out with the five little ones and you get to reconnect with Carrie. Enjoy being Gramma for a while. Best to you and the family!

SewCalGal said...

My apologies for not being able to visit with you during the Quilter's Christmas Party, but I'm so delighted you came and helped to make it a fun party.

And, I'm delighted to learn you volunteer to help with the quintuplets near you. I'm sure they enjoy being held and cared for by you. My own mother had a special gift for being able to pick up any crying newborn and getting them to feel comfortable, even when their own mother was exhausted and couldn't get them to stop crying. While parents can be wonderful parents, they do need help...especially when there is four of them to care for. So special for you to help.

I do so hope you have a Very Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Wow...Congratulations to all!!! God is Good! And Greatly to be praised! ♥♥♥ Beautiful babies~