Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Sunday afternoon I went to the Dallas Quilt Show and while I did take some pictures, I'm only posting one of them.  There was a big sign saying that we can take pictures, but need to get permission from the quilt maker in order to post them on the internet.  I wouldn't know how to contact the quilt makers, so you are out of luck there.

While at the quilt show I ran into Karen, the president of my guild and we walked around for a while together.  She is an amazing quilter and has been a member of the guild for longer than me - I've been a member for about 15 years!

The one quilt that I am posting is legal because I actually made some of these blocks for this quilt as a member of the Creative Quilter's Guild of Ellis County.  I sometimes join that guild, but don't go to very many meetings.  My long time guild takes precedence.  Anyway, this quilt (the picture doesn't show all of the border which has some applique on opposite corners) is their raffle quilt for this year. 

My non-quilty sewing consisted of making a dress for Abby and her doll, Lulu.  Each dress has a gingham slip under it which "shows" beneath the dress. I spent 2 full days, plus some more time working on these dresses.

Lulu's dress

Abby's dress
Then I decided I better get these bow ties made for my oldest grandson, who likes to wear bow ties.  I had gotten some silk fabric at a fabric outlet and had already sent him the red one (before Christmas), but just hadn't gotten around to making these two.  They don't take any time at all, so I don't know why I didn't make them sooner.

I thought he might like to wear the green tie for St. Patrick's day - maybe?

Today, I'm planning to baste my civil war quilt.  I want to get that one finished soon.


  1. Love those little dresses. You did a great job! So girly!


  2. You have had a busy sewing time. Lovely quilt, Abby and her doll will be so well dressed as will grandson in his bow ties. How was the Dallas show, I had a bug and didn't get there.

  3. The raffle quilt is beautiful!
    Love the dresses. I would never even think of making a tie, let alone make one.
    You are really getting lots done.
    Happy stitching.

  4. Those little dresses are adorable, such sweet fabric! I bet your GS looks great in those bow ties, too. I find sewing enjoyable whether it is quilts or other things. It all counts!

  5. You are such a wonderful Grandma!! The kids will be so pretty and handsome!!
    Love the raffle quilt.

  6. That is a gorgeous quilt.
    Sweet little matching dresses--how fun!
    Love the bow ties. Such class! : )

  7. You are so talented! The dresses and ties are terrific! And the quilt by you and your guild is stunning!

  8. What adorable little dresses! Those are pretty special bow ties too! The quilt is beautiful, and will probably bring in lots of money! The winner will be very lucky! ---"Love:

  9. Amazing sewing! The dresses are adorable and so sweet and so well done!!
    The bow ties are great too. I love little boys in bow ties.

  10. I greatly admire your skills as quilter and seamstress. The dresses are precious and the ties are just right for your grandson.

  11. Such sweet dresses and how great to have a dress for her doll as well. The bow ties are fun. But that whole photographing but not posting is kinda scary. While I understand the issues with all that, it's a little frustrating not to be able to share. I wonder what I'll find at the shows I'm attending in the next few weeks?

  12. That's a terrific quilt. Glad you enjoyed the show. Little girls' dresses whip up nice and quickly - they're also fun to make. Cute bow ties!