Saturday, March 16, 2013


I got up this morning and checked some blogs.  Sewcalgal is having a  virtual "Sew-cial" to celebrate International Quilting Day!  To participate, you spend time quilting, and then post about it on your blog.  Then, you link your post to Sewcalgal's blog.  I thought it sounded like fun, so here is my post.

I got up at about 6:00 AM, a little later than usual, so decided to get started right away.  When DH got up, I told him about what day it was and that I was "required" to quilt all day!  I'm lucky to have a DH who understands me.  Hee Hee!

It was still dark outside, so the light is on  in my sewing room.  (Notice the poster of the "Dear  Jane" quilt on the door.
I started getting my March BOMs ready for appliqué - 12 little basket blocks.  Here are some with freezer paper ironed onto the fabric.

The Quilt Show  was  airing all their programs FREE in honor of the day, so I watched about 3 episodes while I prepared the baskets.
The Quilt Show

As some of you know, I have tried several methods for the applique and decided that spray starching the seam allowance to the back was working best for me.  This time I decided to use some clear template plastic to see how it would work, because after reusing the doubled freezer paper, the paper starts to fold over some.

The plastic template worked pretty well, except the plastic got warped from the little iron.

Some baskets with freezer paper ironed on ready to starch.

The curve at the base of the basket has been the hardest part to get smooth.  I think I'll get some plastic that can withstand the heat of the iron to try next month.

Here are all the baskets ready to appliqué!

After lunch I started quilting my Civil War quilt.  At this point, I'm stitching in the ditch around all the blocks.  I have been watching a Craftsy class taught by Cindy Neeham and for this quilt, I have been following her advice on basting and quilting.  

So, I feel like I had a pretty productive day.  I took a couple breaks to do some non-quilty chores and take a walk, but pretty much kept quilting.  After watching 3 episodes of The Quilt Show and one episode of Cindy Needhams class, I was excited to get some quilting accomplished.

Did you participate in the Sew-cial today?


  1. Happy International Quilting day to you too! You definitely have been productive. Your baskets look lovely!

  2. Wow you got a lot done today!

  3. You certainly have celebrated the day appropriately! : )

  4. Looks like a wonderful day in your sewing room! Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Happy National Quilting Day to you, looks like you had a good day celebrating. I sew backing together for two quilts and spent the rest of the time trying to organize my Civil War fabrics. Now how about we celebrate this holiday every day?

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Quilting Day!! Love all those baskets.
    When I have curves in my applique, I baste the seam allowance in just that area, with little stitches. Pulling the basting thread lets the fabric go around the curve very smoothly.

  7. You had a very productive day! I love all the little blue basket blocks, so pretty! the CW quilt is going to be gorgeous, too! I did do some hand quilting today bur we had company tonight so I spent part of the day baking a cake and doing a little pick up around the house. Tomorrow I get the day to myself!

  8. You certainly spent the day well Ruth. I love seeing the progress all your projects.

  9. That was a great day's work!!
    Love the littlke baskets!

  10. A perfect way to spend the day.

  11. I did a little hand stitching yesterday. The rest of the day was spent packing and moving boxes.

    Sounds like you got a ton done!

  12. I certainly enjoyed quilting with you at the virtual sew-cial to celebrate International Quilting Day. Love your applique' baskets. Going to make a beautiful quilt.


  13. I didn't realize what Saturday was, but I spend most of the day sewing, too! Love how your little baskets are turning out!


  14. You did have a productive day. I look forward to seeing your quilt! I'm sure it will be lovely.
    If you can find some heat resistant template plastic I think you'll be happy with your method of applique. Great blocks!!

  15. As is your habit, you were busy as a little bee again! I didn't sew a stitch, but I did buy fabric for another small donation quilt. Now if I can just get the patriotic one quilted so I can begin on the next one! Hope that happens soon! ---"Love"