Saturday, July 24, 2010


I finished the strip quilt and it will be donated through my guild to the children's hospital for a teen age patient. I really like it and will try to keep one in the works to use up scraps. I used pieces of left over binding to bind it, so the only piece that I purchased was the backing, which I purchased at an outlet store, and of course the batting. I'm really happy with it.
I finished all the piecing on the flag quilt and will put it aside for now. I need to figure out how big I should make the stars. I placed some paper stars on the blue background to see which size looks better. Maybe Theri and Lori could let me know how big the stars are on their quilts. I might take the blue with me to hand applique the stars on the trip coming up.
This little doll dress was in really sad condition in a box. I finally took it out and fixed it as much as I could. There is a big tear in the skirt and I sewed some tulle on both sides to keep it from tearing any more. I also hand sewed the back skirt to the bodice and a quite a few splits in seams. I think this was one of my Mom's doll dresses, which would make it about 75 or more years old. Maybe my Mom or Grandma made it.
I think I'll work on my basket quilt a little now. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Your string quilt came out really great;) I love all the movement and color;)
    The flag quilt is coming along great;)
    And the doll dress is adorable. It's great to find things like that;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. Your strip quilt is so pretty. I just love it and so will the lucky person who receives it. Your flag quilt is looking great. You did that fast.
    The doll dress looks really good in the photo. You must have worked hard to get get everything all sewn up.

  3. Your strip quilt is fantastic, love all the colors! Some lucky person will love it.

    The flag quilt is really nice. I remember Theri had some trouble with the stars so she is a good source of info for them.

    The doll dress is a real treasure, glad you were able to make the repairs. It looks really nice. Your have definately been a busy bee.

  4. I'm looking at the machine quilting on the string/strip quilt. What color thread did you use? It's so lovely - I have always loved string quilts. You did a great job on this. 8-))

  5. You're showing so many things getting done so fast, I feel like a slacker! Nice job with the strip quilt and the flag quilt is coming along nicely.

  6. Your machine quilting on the string quilt is beautiful, as is the whole quilt! Again, I AM going to make one of those some day!
    I love how the variation of the reds and off-whites make the flag quilt appear three dimensional. Truly spectacular!
    Cute little doll dress. I bet I could find a couple around here somewhere too.
    Have fun on your trip, and be sure to send us lots of pictures!

  7. Your strip quilt is a stunner and will be much loved by its recipient I'm sure. I'm impressed by how quickly it came together and how beautiful it looks. The flag quilt is also looking terrific. How marvellous to have your mum's dolly dress - a real heirloom and so fragile. Grat work, Ann :-)

  8. Love your string quilt. Very pretty! And your flag quilt is going to be gorgeous.

  9. Love your string quilt. You have been very busy! Your Mom's doll dress is adorable, how fun is this to have something that your Mom or Grandma made. Both of them would be so very pleased that you have taken such good care of it. Thanks for sharing your quilt projects and treasures!!!! Carolyn

  10. I just measured the stars and horizontally from side tip to tip it finishes at 2 1/2". It is looking fantastic!!!
    Love your string quilt and the little dress is so precious!!

  11. Projects look great. I love the doll dress.

  12. What eye candy! I love them all!! Good luck restoring the dress- what a treasure :)

  13. Your quilts are most beautiful, my dear. That little dolly dress is darling.
    Happy Quilting!