Friday, July 9, 2010


It is good to be home! It's always good to see that the house is still standing when you've been gone - hee hee! We were gone 5 weeks and 2 days!

This baby colt was at the RV park/ranch that we stayed at in Cheyenne, WY. The colt was born June 28, so she was only a couple days old. The mama is a miniature horse - maybe a pony. I'm not sure.
When we picked up our mail, look what was in it! More lovely blocks from the APQ block swap!! Thanks, everyone! They are all gorgeous!
I should have ironed these, but was too lazy. I love the coasters!
Wow! 2 magazines as well! Thanks, Mary!
The heat and humidity of Texas hit us hard when we arrived! I will post more later. I have pictures of projects I worked on while on the trip and purchases I made. I need to go for a walk before it gets any hotter.


  1. My mother would always say after we returned home from a wonderful vacation: Home again, home again, jig a tee, jig! Welcome home you two. Hopefully it will cool down for you soon. Carolyn

  2. I always am relieved to see the house still standing when we get home from a trip. And it is a good feeling to get back home to a good bed.

  3. Welcome home!!! Vacations are fun but it is always good to get home.

  4. So glad you had such a wonderful and safe trip! I enjoyed all your pictures and descriptions of all you saw; I felt I had been there too! By the way, just because you didn't press those blocks, that doesn't mean you are lazy; you are just plain TIRED after such a long trip! Get some rest! ---"Love"

  5. So glad you are home safe and sound and that you had such a good trip. Loved the pictures! Now get some rest and back into your normal routine, then more time to quilt.

  6. Glad you made it home and all is well;) Traveling is great, but I always appreciate coming home;)
    What goodies you got there;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  7. In the words of Dorothy Gale...."there's no place like home". Enjoy being home a while before your next trip.

  8. It was terrific that you shared your journey with us. I certainly enjoyed it! You have received from wonderful blocks and goodies. Cheers, Ann :-)