Sunday, July 4, 2010


On Saturday, May 26, I went to a quilt show with my SIL. Below are some of the quilts that I liked the best. I'm sorry I don't have the information about who made them.
I loved this quilt. However, I can't figure out how the 4 corners of the 9-patch were made. Isn't it pretty?
This scrappy bear paw quilt with stars in each paw was another favorite.

The maker of this angel quilt won the blocks in a guild drawing!
Patriotic quilts are always a favorite, especially as we celebrate our independence today!
Interestingly, the town of Prineville, OR has 2 or 3 quilt guilds. My SIL plans to join one after she returns from a camping trip to Alaska. She has lots of fabric from her mother, who's quilts I blogged about last week, and she wants to use the fabric for her grandchildren as well as donation. We both signed up for a drawing from the local quilt shop, The Quilt Shack, and Glenda won it. Below is Glenda on the left receiving the basket from the quilt shop owner!
Here is the contents of the basket! Not a bad haul.
During our stay at the Terry Bison Ranch, I had some time to do a little sewing. I have finished almost all the hand sewing that I brought with me for the trip and I started stitching together a table runner that I brought along in case I needed something else to keep me busy! Good thing I brought it!


  1. The first quilt is really different, but fun!! Such nice eye candy.
    Glenda will really have to take up quilting now!! Lucky girl.

  2. Gorgeous quilts! Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your holiday! :)

  3. if i'm not mistaken, the corners of the 9patch in the first quilt is made by paper piecing the 'fan' and the rest of the block is a star. i remember it cause it was on the cover of QuiltMaker last year in the summer some time...i looked- i no longer have the issue it was on. you could go to their website and look and buy a back issue...

    just saying :)

  4. Thanks for sahring pictures of these beautiful quilts. I'm guessing that the corners of the nine-patch were paper-pieced.

  5. Are you going to the Sisters quilt show? You sure are having a very good trip.

  6. Wonderful quilts...thanks for sharing them with us...

  7. Oh that first quilt was really pretty. I also really liked the stars and stripes. Happy 4th.

  8. As you would know, I love the patriotic quilt! I may have to make one of those! I also am intrigued by the first one. I too studied it a bit before I scrolled down to read all the comments. I'm envious of all the fun you are having! ---"Love"

  9. Lovely quilts Ruth! I have the magazine with the pattern for that first quilt. Well done Glenda on your win - it's a fantastic basket of goodies! Ann :-)

  10. What fun;) All the quilts you are getting to see along the way;)
    Happy Quilting!!