Monday, August 2, 2010


Today I finished quilting the quilts that we basted two weeks ago. I am ready to sew the binding on 2 of them and will post pictures after that.

Here is my 13 star panel for the flag quilt that I am making. I fused the stars on and will use a blanket stitch to secure them.
Here is my binding stack. The little doll quit on top was made with little scraps - the squares are 1" finished and is made from reproduction scraps.
Hope you stay cool this week! It's supposed to get up to 107 degrees today - I did my outdoor chores & walked early this morning and I'll be staying in the rest of the day.


  1. The stars look great and I love the background fabric you have used. It is perfect!

    Your little scrappy doll quilt is so cute, makes me want to make some. You have accomplished a lot.

    Stay cool and enjoy your quilting.

  2. I like the background fabric you are using for the star part of your flag quilt. Where did you find that?
    107? That's hot!! We are drowning in humidity's normally bone dry here, so no one is used to this. There is almost more water on the outside of the glass than inside!;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. I have to agree that the background to the stars is awesome! I love that fabric!!

    Love your little pile of quilts almost done!! The doll quilt is adorable.

  4. love the little doll quilt. 1" squares are pretty large, though, don't you think? :)

  5. Love your stars and the blue background. I did not notice all the detail before. You are busy!
    Happy stitching

  6. I like the background fabric you used under the stars. I would have fused the stars too.

  7. I love how well your stars are spaced on that gorgeous background! Looks like you are getting your "travelin' projects" mapped out. I truly enjoy doing the bindings! ---"Love"

  8. I just love that fabric your using for the background of the stars perfect!
    oh the little quilt is just darling.
    I love 1" squares.
    perfect size. will you hang this quilt in your home?

  9. Beautiful!! I love the little scrappy quilt :)

  10. How did you cut out the stars? They are perfect and so is the fabric back choice (as you know). I really need to practice binding. I do my own thing but really need to do it the 'real' way. I was thinking of dong some small quilts like that. Thanks for the encouragement! Beautiful work! And sounds like the right plan too! Stay cool! in the 70's here in GUA!

  11. So many nice projects to see on your last few posts. The strip quilt looks great and I love the stars. What kind of fusible do you use? Do you find it holds when yo wash the quilt?

  12. Great project that you have posted. Love the postage stamp doll quilt, cute! cute! cute and you know how I love doll quilts! Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Carolyn

  13. Great work Ruth. Your stars look fabulous on that background fabric. I enjoy seeing your quilts and projects. Cheers, Ann :-)

  14. I'm laughing out loud here because we ALL love that background fabric! You know we're fabricaholics. :) blessings, marlene