Monday, August 9, 2010


This weekend we stayed with Jonah so DS#3/DIL could get away for a weekend. This will be their last getaway before the new baby comes.

Grandma & Grandpa (us) took Jonah for a trolley ride.
Jonah decided to rake leaves into the garage.
What a helper!
While Jonah naps, I have been working on my cheddar cheese & crackers quilt (the second one). My DIL got a sewing machine from a neighbor (either a gift or a really good deal) and I wanted to check it out. It sews great - no adjustments were necessary!
It came with a cabinet.
I spread out the pieces on the side, but it didn't all fit. However, I got about 1/3 sewn together. I don't know how much I'll get finished, but I'm sure not all of it. Tomorrow we go home to get ready for our next big trip - leaving on Friday. I plan to blog along the way and I have a list of possible quilt shop stops ready - just in case!!


  1. What a helper you have there;) Very cute;)
    I love it when people get great deals on sewing machine's. And a cabinet...even better;) Can't wait to see the cheddar and crackers quilt done;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  2. What a fabulous helper! Jonah is such a sweetie. A sewing machine is a great gift and your blocks look terrific. Looking forward to your blogs and the quilt shop review. ann...

  3. Johan is so cute, love the red hair! He is quite the helper.

    Your cheddar quilt will be gorgeous, I love the design already!

    Have fun on your next big trip.

  4. Love the red hair. He is so cute. I could use help with raking here...think he is interested? LOL

  5. Just thinkin' --- won't it be nice if Jonah still wants to help rake leaves when he becomes a teen-ager?
    Your cheddar cheese and crackers quilt is going to be a real treasure.
    Hope you have a fun and safe trip. Do be careful! ---"Love"

  6. How fun to spend some time with Jonah. He looks like a terrific helper!!
    Love your CC&C again!!

  7. Love his red hair!! He is a cutie. Your cheddar cheese and crackers quilt is looking great. Carolyn

  8. I could use some help in cleaning out my garage! The sewing machine is wonderful. The quilt looks like it is coming along nicely.

  9. What a cutie!! Love the red hair. Your quilt is looking beautiful :)