Saturday, May 14, 2016


I am happy that I finished Row L of the Dear Jane blocks, many of which were quite easy.  Maybe by the time Jane Stickle got to these last two rows, she was about out of ideas and steam to create more blocks.  L-6 was the most difficult paper pieced one and I think is my favorite of this row.  

L-9 was very easy, but I really like it too.

 Here is a picture of all the blocks.  The last block, L-13, was one of 3 blocks with appliqué and was very easy.  Blocks L-10 and L-12 both have tiny triangles appliquéd on them and I did that appliqué by machine as I have done on some other blocks that had these same tiny triangles.

Row L
I finished the T-shirt quilt and it is on the way to my niece. I will show a picture of the whole quilt acted it arrives for them to see.  Here it is folded up.

I hope she likes it!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. You made amazing progress, finishing that t-shirt quilt so quickly. I love that first DJ block you showed. It would be fun seeing that block repeated in an entire top.

  2. That first block looks quite intricate to me; but then again, almost all of those DJ blocks are way to difficult for me! I admire your determination to do them all. Can't wait to see the T-shirt quilt displayed. ---"Love"

  3. Beautiful work on your DJ blocks!
    Oh, can I send you my T-shirt quilt now and let you finish it? I'm sure you miss having one to work on. *LOL* (How did you get it done so quickly?)

  4. Nice work on your DJ blocks!! Looking forward to seeing the tshirt quilt too!

  5. I have always wanted to do a dear Jane but haven't gotten up the courage to do one.... Doesn't it feel good to have a finish?

  6. congrats on getting the Tshirt quilt to niece - I bet she'll love it!
    your DJ blocks are wonderful. I love your shirting backgrounds with the repros