Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have had a busy week and gotten a lot of sewing accomplished.  First, here is the 3rd Civil War block from Barbara Brackman.  I'm excited about doing this quilt!  I didn't like the idea of doing needle turn applique on this week's block, so I did it by machine.  Much easier!
I didn't make a UFO list, but if I had, this valentine's day project would have been on it.  Last year, I embroidered the heart blocks from Kviltstina.  She still has the project on her blog if anyone is interested.
This was a quick finish and a step towards a goal to have seasonal table toppers.

Does your toilet have a quilt?  Mine does now.  

I spent some time working on the Mansfield Park quilt that I blogged about here.  I am ready to sew on the borders and then can baste it and quilt it.  I'm going to baste it in two parts so I can fit it in my machine and then will sew the two parts together.  We'll see how it goes.


  1. Very pretty! You are making great progress! Alas, I am still making pinwheels, LOL.


  2. know you're a hard core quilter when even your potty has a topper!! LOL!;) Love it!!
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. I love your Civil War block. I want to do those but I need to get some reproduction fabrics for them. Got a suggestion for a good place to shop online? The Valentines tablerunner is so pretty. I downloaded the patterns but it will be a while before I can get to them. Maybe for next year. I love the quilt on your toilet tank, what a great idea. It looks great there! You have been very busy!

  4. Great work again, Ruth! Now my toilet is jealous of yours!

    Love the heart quilt. Can you get the pic to enlarge? I am going to downlod and print these to embroider. What kind of fabric did you stitch them on?

  5. I must say that I love the idea for the quilt on the toliet! LOL! I may just have to make one!

    I love your Civil War block. I finally pulled fabric for that block this morning but haven't started it yet. I have the other two finished and I don't want to get behind on this quilt so I will need to get my hinny in gear. I will also be doing machine applique, don't have enough time for the needleturn right now.

  6. You must really love your toilet to make it such a nice quilt!

  7. Ha ha ha...your toilet has a quilt. THAT is the sure sign of a truly addicted quilter! But it's a nice quilt and now your guests will have something to admire as they do their business. The civil war block looks great. And I love the little Valentine quilt...I may have a new project to start this week...gee, thanks!

  8. your CW block is awesome!! I just love that background fabric it is just perfect!!
    Your machine applique is amazing too

  9. Love your new header!! You are so creative.
    My family would say I was desperate for surfaces to put quilts on if they found a toilet topper! LOL It looks cute!

    Love the heart runner too.

  10. I have a toilet topper too! Only one so far. LOL what can I cover next???
    That Valentine topper the embroidery so pretty. Great CW block too.
    While you have been sobusy I have gotten next to nothing done. :(
    You keep going.

  11. Wow even a quilt for your toilet! You have arrived!! Great job on your finished projects :) Christine

  12. You made me think: my bathroom has handwork done by my sister, my mother, my aunt, and my aunt's aunt! I guess I should make a potty topper to match, you think? I'll be watching your CW blocks; our church quilters will begin a CW quilt come Thursday. The hearts are so sweet! ---"Love"

  13. You have been very busy with fun projects. Precious embroidery heart quilt.

    Thanks as always, sharing your lovely quilting with us.


  14. You do beautiful work, your lucky toilet!!!

  15. I especially like the Barbara Brackman block that you show. The background fabric really makes the block.

  16. Hi... Guess if my heart stopped beating for a while
    When recognizing the hearts...:0)
    You have made something very pretty of them.
    Really love them...thanks for showing them!

  17. Hey that little top on the top of your t. tank is novel. I'm gonna do that just as soon as I get caught up.