Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Check out the Civil War blocks here from Barbara Brackman.  She will be putting up a block every week, so I decided to join in.  Luckily I had some reproduction scraps that I showed you a few posts ago and I had enough for this first block.

Several of you asked about my paper piecing project.  Go to Katie's blog where you can see the quilt that her mother made called Everyday Best  (scroll down a ways until you get to the quilt with the nine large circles on it).  It is the sixth one down of the quilt show quilts she blogged about.  So far I have 2 circles paper pieced - but not sewn together.  There is one thing that I'm not particularly fond of doing in this quilt - paper piecing, and one thing that I have never one - curved seams.  Actually, the paper piecing on this is pretty easy.  We'll see what I say about the curved seams after I do them.

Abigail got Mrs. Potato Head for her birthday.
"Hmm.  I think I'll try on these glasses (from Mrs. Potato Head)."
"They don't seem to stay on very well."

I love hearing a little voice calling for Grandma or Grandpa.  It's definitely going to be hard when we leave on Sunday,


  1. Love the block and your granddaughter is a real cutie! I know it is going to be hard to leave.


  2. I have added the Civil War site to my blog list. I love this block and the history about it. I don't know if I will make them all, but it will be fun to read about each one.

    Maybe you will have to make time for some special Grandma phone calls once in a while to hear those little voices. It will help keep the connection, too, since you don't see them as often as you would like. Enjoy your last couple of days for this visit!

  3. Such a clever blog for the blocks. I really don't need another project, but it's tempting. At the very least I'm going to follow the stories because they're just as interesting to me as the blocks. And little Abigail is too cute with those glasses. I'm sure she's going to miss you as much as you miss her.

  4. Now she is a cutie! :) I love your circle quilt, I just don't know how in the world you got that together...way over my head! LOL! But it certainly is beautiful.

    I also like your Civil War block! I made mine last night! Should be lots of fun!

  5. I'm thinking I'm going to miss Abigail too when you come home! Such a sweetie she is!
    Do you have a Curvemaster foot? I do, but haven't tried it yet; maybe this year! Can't wait to see your progress, on the circles as well as the Civil War blocks. I plan to follow the blog, but won't be participating. ---"Love"

  6. Your CW blocks looks great! I've already seen so many joining in the BOM.
    The quilt is going to be lovely. Take it one step at a time and you'll master pp and circles!!
    Abigail is so cute. I can imagine how hard it will be to leave.

  7. Your block looks great. You had perfect fabric.
    Abigail is going to miss you too. Can you skype from your computer? It is so great to make calls and see each other. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  8. That Abigail is a real cutie pie!
    I like your block, but I will resist the temptation to join. Will I ever get caught up enough to participate in the fun things???

  9. Your block is wonderful, I might just have to join with you!!!

    Miss Abigail is a ham! Love how she can cut-up sparks with Grandma and Grandpa!

    I know you two are cherishing every moment you are with them.

    Have a safe trip home.

    Hugs, Carolyn

  10. Your granddaughter is adorable. Love the fabrics in your block.