Monday, January 31, 2011


Carolyn at Lee Prairie Designs is a dear blogging friend and she has picked my blog to receive the Liebster Blog award!

The aim of this Liebster Blog Award is to bring recognition and exposure to small blogs who have less than 300 followers. If you accept this award, you then agree to chose three other small blogs that you would recommend to others.  I can think of "many" blogs that I read, enjoy and are deserving of this award but ------I can only chose 3 blogs and here they are!

Theri at Theri's Quilt Stuff - you will be amazed at her bird quilts!

Liri at Liriopia's Legacy - a wonderful seamstress and quilter who loves vintage finds.

Joan at Keeping You in Stitches - home schooling mom who quilts with her daughters.

I hope you will visit these blogs - I know you will be inspired!  Thank you, Carolyn!

Then, just today I received an email from Cate Newton to inform me that my blog has been featured on the list of the 50 Best quilting blogs which was published on the Guide to Art Schools web site.  I have put their badge on my sidebar.

I feel very honored today.


  1. And certainly you should feel honored, but please know that you certainly deserve both honors! Your quilting projects are beautiful, and so is your blog! Congratulations! ---"Love"

  2. How cool is that;) More and more of us APQ people are getting famous;) Enjoy, and Happy Quilting!!

  3. Congratulations, a well deserved award!

  4. Oh my God! I can't believe you did that! I am so honored. Really, my jaw is on the floor. How will I ever live up to this? (Enough of that, LOL) Ruth, thank you so much! I will display the award proudly. Now to consider MY award choices.

    Love from Liri

  5. You've got a great blog! You should be honored!!

  6. Congratulations! Both honors are well-deserved.


  7. Congrats! You deserve the recognition!