Thursday, January 13, 2011


New project (Oh No!)  Block 2 of the Civil War blocks from Barbara Brackman.  I love these fabrics, which I just got with my gift certificate.

I finally finished piecing my second cheddar cheese & crackers doll quilt (a reproduction of a large antique quilt) that Lori held last year (Yea!).  Now I just have to quilt it.  Since I hand quilted the first one, I think I'll hand quilt this one too because I don't know how I would machine quilt it.  BTW, there are 552 pieces in this little quilt (22 1/2" square).
Here's the first one, which I have shown before.  I LOVE this quilt.
I am cheered whenever I turn the corner in the hallway and see this view of the quilt hanging over the chair.

A few more pictures from our trip:
Cuddling with Jonah in the morning.
Abigail on the left "driving" in the park.
A beautiful day on the Gulf.
DIL, DS & Abigail just before DS left for his first day on nurses' training in his scrubs.

Thanks for the many comments on my previous post!


  1. How big is the quilted Cheese & Crackers quilt? I would be cheered, too! Perfect size for draping over a chair back.

  2. Your block is wonderful and your quilts are beautiful!

  3. That Civil War block is wonderful! Can't wait to see your finished quilt someday. I love the little cheddar quilts too. I must do some little ones this year! BTW, I love the Johnny Mathis music; had to stop reading and writing, and just listen! ---"Love"

  4. Yay! On the second finish!! You are one of those crazy people that count quilt pieces!! sometimes it is best NOT to know!!

  5. I love those little cheddar quilts. As for going "little" eyes would cross!1 LOL;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  6. Ohhh, I love the Civil War block, your fabrics are fantastic! I need to get some Civil war fabrics and get busy, too. I like her blog with the history and the different block. Your little cheddar quilts are very cute and cheery. Enjoy them. Love the pics of your grandkids, they are so much fun at that age.

  7. You are really busy since you got home! Your little cheddar quilt is so cute. Like the Civil War block too.

  8. Checking out some of the people doing the same things I am, like BB Civil War. I like your blog! The Cheddar and Crackers is great. I found your link on Capricorn Quilts' sidebar.

  9. Wow! I love the way you quilted your first Cheddar Cheese & Crackers. Thanks for sharing your quilts. I am in awe.