Friday, May 28, 2010


Tomorrow morning we leave on our trip to Oregon. We'll be gone about 5 weeks, spending time with our DS & family, BIL, Arches National Park, Yellowstone National Park, etc. Today we load the camper.

Liri at Liriopia's Legacy sent me this Texas stitchery when she sent my blocks for the block swap and I wanted to make it into a little wall hanging. I came across some scraps of Texas fabric (which I had looked for and couldn't find), so I decided to make it up. I quilted right across the embroidery and it turned out OK! I'm going to hang it in the camper!
Western fabric on the back.
Well, I better get busy packing. I'll try to post some pictures along the way!

Remembering our veterans and service members over the weekend too.


  1. Happy trails!!
    I hope we get the opportunity to meet up!!

  2. Isn't Liri a sweetheart?! Such a darling piece, and you finished it off perfectly, (love those fabrics), just in time for your trip so everywhere you go, people will know you are a proud Texan! *grin* Sounds like a wonderful trip you have planned!
    I hung my American flag on the front porch this morning, and will be remembering your son who serves, as well as all the others serving around the world. My thanks goes out to all those who have served in the past also, so that we might still be free!
    Have a safe trip! ---"Love"

  3. Your work is really beautiful, and you do such great work. Have a fun and safe trip, my friend. Happy Quilting!

  4. I really like how you finished your piece. The fabric is perfect. It will be really nice to have it travel with you.
    I am a last minute person lately, I mailed your blocks today, so they will be there whenm you get home.

  5. Oh my, I feel so honored! The wall hanging is beautiful!


  6. Such lovely treatment of Liri's embroidery. You have inspired the rest of us. Have a wonderful trip! Ann :-)

  7. Enjoy your visit and trip. Take along something quilty to do on the way. And if you get the chance, hit the shops along the coast...they have great quilty stuff that I haven't seen in other places.
    What you did with the embroidered block is great;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. Have a great trip!

    Your blog is featured on the "Spring Fever Bingo" blogspot... just wanted to say hi and good luck!

    Love the Texas bluebonnet stitchery.


  9. lovely work!
    great embroidery!