Saturday, May 3, 2008

Two BOMs

I finished a few BOMs.  This first one is from Lynette Anderson , a designer in Australia.  This is the second month - there will be 12 and it will be a completed Noah's Ark wall hanging at the end.  They are available for downloading from her blog.  I think this is going to be darling!
This is the first one that I did of another BOM, from Bea  in Germany at  Capricorn Quilts.
I have finished 2 of these and will post the second one next blog.  The picture didn't turn out, so I need to re-take it and the camera's batteries were getting charged up.  This is actually the second BOM from Capricorn and the patterns are only up for one month each.  There is a new one posted now, which is actually the 4th one.  I have two done and two more to do.  I plan to get them finished in the next couple weeks.  

Let me know if you are doing these also.