Thursday, May 15, 2008


Not too much going on here.  The baby hasn't come yet.  I'm working every day.  But, at night I am working on one project or another.  This one is a doll quilt that I am hand quilting for my grand-niece.  I love to make doll quilts!!
My guild is making a quilt which we will raffle off in October.  the paper piecing below is for this quilt.  It took me about a half hour to do the amount seen in the picture.  I hope I can get it finished by Saturday so I can drop it at the local quilt shop when I go grocery shopping.  The LQS is owned by the president of our guild.  They had two days of workshops there to get more of the quilt done and they passed out some parts to take home.  

Another small project is to get the label ready for the baby quilt, so that when we go down there I can put it on the one I already gave them.  I also need to get some portable projects ready to take with us to work on in the car and any spare minutes I might have between changing diapers!  

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  1. Your doll quilt is so, so pretty! You are doing such beautiful work.
    And the paper-piecing, although time consuming, is wonderful too!