Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking for more fabric

When it comes to buying fabric, I just am not very smart.  When I was at  the Common Threads Quilt Shop in Waxahachie, TX, looking for fabric for a quilt, I happened to see the fabric in the picture below just being opened up and I thought I would like to make something with it, so I purchased just enough to get the main picture so I could make a patriotic wall hanging possibly.  The portion I would use is about 20" by 18".  At the time I wasn't thinking about exactly what I would do with it.  I had other things on my mind, etc.  After considering my options, I decided that I would like to make several wall hangings to give as gifts.  So last Saturday I went back to the shop, and naturally, they didn't have any left.  So I started looking on line and haven't had any luck there either.  If anyone knows where I could get a few yards of this, please let me know.  

Windham Old Glory III Toile

The fabric in the lower right will be used. I'm thinking about making some log cabin blocks to surround the picture.  Anyone have suggestions?  All suggestions will be welcome.


  1. I think you are smart AND creative. This piece BEGS something wonderful. I like the fabric you chose for a companion, but I'm imagining something more fluid, round, flowing as a pattern, rather than hard all lines.

    Looks like the brain is going to be stretching on this one. I will be watching to see what develops.

  2. No fabric but have been wondering about the Grandson and DIL, surely by now she has had the baby....Do hope they are both doing well. Let us know. Bobbin aka J

  3. Log cabins around this fabric will look beautiful, I'm sure you create something beautiful,

    Love Leanne