Sunday, April 27, 2008

Favorite Quilt

One blog I checked out (don't remember which one) said we should post our favorite quilt.  This cathedral window quilt is the first quilt I ever started - not the first one I finished.  I saw a friend making one back in the 70's.  I found a pattern for it sometime in the early 80's and started it.  I didn't get too far and put in on the shelf for, oh, about 12 years.  Once I joined my quilt guild, I started working on it from time to time, collecting little pieces of fabric from people & from stores that had little scrap bins.  Then one year (I think 2005) my guild had a contract challenge.  We had to pick a project to get finished by our December meeting, so I picked this quilt.  I finally got it finished and I love it!  It's twin size and is hanging on the quilt rack that my son & DIL made for me for Christmas several years ago.

Do you think something is missing from this picture?
I had some little triangles left over from the baby quilt I made.  I sewed them together for little HSTs and came up with this tiny quilt.
This is a lot better, isn't it?
I have spent most of this weekend working in the yard and I am so sore!  It sure looks a lot better, though.  I planted geraniums and impatiens, pulled weeds, trimmed, etc. etc.   I also finished a couple sewing projects and now I'm making a quilted play mat for the expected grandson - due May 5.  I had found a cute airport panel to make the play mat, and wasn't planning to do it right away, but couldn't wait!  So, we will give it to him as soon as he is born. 


  1. I have never done a cathedral window quilt but I've always wanted to. Yours is so great!

  2. Wow, a cathedral window quilt is quite ambitious to be the first you ever started making. My first was a log cabin :) I've always wanted to make a cathdral window quilt. Yours sure looks pretty.

  3. The cathedral window quilt is oh so pretty, and looks great on the back of the bench. The bears just look more comfy and cuddly.... I bought a panel the other day with some bears at play, plan to make a play mat for the new GGS when he gets here. Have a great week, Bobbin

  4. That cathedral window is lovely, but the best photo is the one with a quilt for the teddies!

  5. The quilt for the teddies was lovley. It is fun to make some small quilts.

  6. What an adorable little quilt! It looks perfect with the bears!!!