Saturday, April 12, 2008

Message for Janet AND Unsewing

Janet,  thank you for your most generous offer!  I want to try to get the exact fabric that my DIL picked out, if possible.  I am posting it on , so we'll see if anything develops there.  My DIL picked out that FQ because it contained the exact colors that they like best, plus she loved the pattern.  I was really touched that you would offer to send me what you have!  Quilters are wonderful!!  I wasn't able to link to your blog or email.  Please let me know if you have a blog.  You can email me from my "about" page.

Last night I spent the evening "unsewing" some blocks that had been put together wrong.  :-(
What a pain!  I even had them sewn together with other blocks for a charity quilt and was tempted to leave it as is, but my conscious wouldn't let me.  I hate to put the extra time into it, but it HAD to be done, right?

The inspiration I get from blogging is great, but it does add to my frustration at not being able to do as much quilting as I would like to do - because I still work full time.  Oh, I can't wait until December of 2009 - that's when I retire!

It's a beautiful weekend in Texas!  I hope you all enjoy your weekend and get some quilting done - or whatever else you enjoy!

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  1. I spent the day doing some unsewing myself, so I feel your pain! Nice to find your blog.