Monday, October 30, 2017


 I'm showing you a picture of my ironing table.  On the left is the quilt top for my youngest grandson that I just finished and it is ready to baste.  Backing and batting are under the top.  There's a grocery bag that my granddaughter (oldest) sent me and on the right is the binding rolled up for the quilt top - it's on the end of a Point Presser and Clapper tool.  Also, you can see my Palmateer Point quilt top hanging above the ironing table

Look at all the fabric in the sack!  It was quite heavy.

Here it is spread out.  It is mostly fat quarters and I think they are from a shop where we went to buy fabric when the shop was going out of business.  It seems like she isn't into making quilts now, but she is still sewing.  She is more interested in designing costumes and clothing.

The quilt top is folded inside out, so I turned back one of the corners so you could a little more of it.  I am using the same striped blue fabric for the binding that I used for the inner border.

I love this "frog" conversational fabric that I used in the border!

About a week and a half ago this is what the maple tree next door looked like.

Now it looks like this - or even more bare.  I think I get about half of the leaves in my yard!

 Hope you have a great week!


  1. Your grandson is going to love that quilt I'm sure; I look forward to seeing it all when you get it quilted. What a "stash" from your granddaughter! She may be expecting to see it all again in a different form and a larger sack maybe??? *giggle* Your maple tree was beautiful; sorry you or your hubby now have to rake leaves. After this past cold weekend here, my front yard will soon be covered with gold leaves probably; it always is this time of year. My son will probably mulch them with the mower rather than raking them, but that's okay. ---"Love"

  2. You have been busy! The quilt for your grandson looks wonderful, can't wait to see it all quilted. It is a great quilt for a boy. The bag of fabric has some pretty things in it. What fun to sort through! I love the photo of the tree, so pretty. Lots of pretty red leaves to rake though. Have fun sewing!

  3. Lovely little additions to your stash! Your grandson is sure to love his new quilt, and I'm looking forward to seeing your finish. You can always put those leaves in a compost pile or on your garden plot if you have one, and till them in when spring arrives; they make a nice addition of humus to your soil. Snow predicted in the higher elevations in this area tonight and tomorrow, that would be us at about 1700 feet!

  4. That bag has the kind of surprise I wouldn't mind getting. So many gorgeous fabrics in there. I love that quilt you made for your DGS. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. A new bag of fabric to play with. How fun!

  6. Love that frog fabric. I had some but it’s all gone now. Score on the bag of fabric. It’s chrismas all over. When do we see the quilt top? Looking forward to it.