Thursday, November 9, 2017


As many of you know, my local quilt shop is Boersmas!  It's about a mile from my home and it's the best shop in the Willamette Valley, IMHO.  Recently they had a quilt hanging that was made by one of their customers and I asked them if they would be interested in hanging my Vintage Tin quilt there, since they have the pattern for sale.  They said yes and I took it over last week.  I asked if I could take pictures of the other quilts that they have hanging and was given approval.  

My quilt - given to my DH.

The have lots of quilts hanging inside and lots more in their window display.

You can get many ideas from the quilts that they hang.

Look at the antique sewing machines on display!!

Halloween fabrics are on sale.

 These are lovely quilts!  We are so lucky to have this shop!  They even have a bargain basement with lots of bolts in it.  I get lots of my fabrics down there.

One interesting fact is that the owner's parents started in business in Chicago during the 1930s - at the same time that my Dad had a grocery store in Chicago.  


  1. Lived in Chicago and suburbs the first 55 years of my life. Would be interested to hear where your dad's grocery store was located.

    Your quilt looks great and very deserving of the ribbons.

    I did shop at Boersmas while on vacation and found some great shirtings.


  2. Your quilt looks fabulous hanging in Boersmas. I really miss that shop, both for all the eye candy and gorgeous fabrics but also the helpful staff. Looking forward to shopping there again someday when we next visit Oregon, hopefully next year.

  3. How nice! ! ! Your quilt is beautiful and will entice many others to make one themselves. That is a great quilt shop!

  4. How wonderful to see your quilt hanging there, Ruth! Looks like a really great shop.
    Interesting that your parents both had Chicago shop roots. :)

  5. That was a lovely shop! So exciting to have your quilt hanging there!

  6. Congratulations! Your quilt is amazing. I love it. I am sure it is getting a lot of ohs! and ahs! Quite a collection of old sewing machine they have. Lovely store. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  7. You quilt is gorgeous, as always, and seems to be in good company. I'd love to visit that quilt store but it's a long way from Ohio.

  8. great quilt shop - wow!! your quilt looks amazing hanging with those lovely ribbons!

  9. Be careful! It could be very dangerous for you to live just a mile from that store! You could spend way too much money there! Your quilt looks great hanging there, and those ribbons pinned on it do too! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quilts, and the antique machine show too. A very interesting place for sure! ---"Love"

  10. i love you to read your post thanks you so very much