Thursday, June 22, 2017


I've been working on DJ, trying to get the top finished!  The 4 corner "kites" are almost finished.

Two of the "kites" are finished and trimmed and two are still in progress.  Actually, the 2nd one just needs trimming (the one with the embroidered writing).  I'm almost finished appliquéing the one on the right and then it just needs trimming.  I chose to place the appliqué pieces directly on one solid piece of fabric instead of sewing fabric together - I didn't see the point.  I'm into using the easiest process that I can to get finished.

Notice, I machine appliquéd the 2 stars on the left "kite."  It is so much easier than trying to get good points on a hand appliquéd star.  (I'm sure Jane would have machine appliquéd if she had a machine that would do it, don't you?)  The next "kite" has a PPed star that the instructions from "" says should be reverse appliquéd onto it.  I just paper pieced it and left enough background fabric on it to sew onto the bottom section and then trim.  It is also hard to get a good point using reverse appliqué.

The right and left border triangles are on my design wall and I'm cutting fabric triangles that will be set in between each pieced triangle.  Each fabric triangle will be different from all the other ones, so I'm digging in my civil war fabric drawer to find the fabrics I want to use.

Probably my next post will be the whole top put together.  All I need to do is sew these 2 sides on and the corner pieces!!!!!


  1. What great progress. You can truly see the end in sight! Your dedication to completing this one shows and it will be a wonderful quilt. Enjoy the finish!

  2. WooHoo!! Happy dance time will come before you know it! I applaud you, Ruth. Getting a finish, and being willing to do it in a way that works for you is what matters. If Jane had known other methods, I'm sure she would have used them.
    This is going to be fantastic!
    If you need a specific color and can't find it in your CW stash, I'd be happy to email photos of what I have and send some your way--that is, of course, if you DON'T want to go shopping. : )

  3. Amazing!! My blocks still sit in a pile - many more yet to finish.

  4. I love your collors!!
    Enjoy your finish,..

  5. The complexity of the blocks in this quilt are quite remarkable. It's going to be a very special quilt when it's done. Lovely work Ruth.

  6. Looking so beautiful Ruth, you must be so excited to be nearly finished.

  7. More beautiful blocks! I can hardly wait to see your DJ quilt finished. You are the only quilter I know personally who has the dedication required to even attempt such a project! Hang in there; you are almost finished! ---"Love"

  8. Wow! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for your quilt! Glorious!

  9. So exciting! You are so close. My daughter saw her first DJ blocks at the VGF and she loved them.
    can't wait to see your finished quilt top!!