Thursday, June 29, 2017


Look at the baby robins now!  Are they hungry, or what?!?!?  They are keeping mama busy.

Canuck Quilter had a post about backings here.  She showed some of hers and it got me to thinking about one of my favorite quilts - my Blogging Buddies friendship quilt.  I checked my blog post about it and noticed that I never put a picture of the backing on my blog, so I decided to take a picture of it.  I didn't have enough of the grey fabric, so I used up a bunch of orphan blocks that I made or won at my guild's "block of the month."  I also had 2 extra blocks from the front of the quilt.

DH held up the quilt and there was light coming in the window behind him, so you can see the front through the back.  Hee Hee!  I love the back almost as much as the front!  Most of the time, my backs aren't very special.

Right now I'm working on getting backings ready.  This fabric is for my Dear Jane quilt - its. Prairie Gathering by Pam Buda, Marcus Fabrics.  This is one of those rare times that I have enough fabric for the whole back.  I just love this fabric!

I plan to baste a few quilts at the same time and one of them is this quilt top that my Mom embroidered years ago.  I am finally planning to quilt it.  I have some fabric set aside, but it's not enough, so I'm not sure yet what I will do for this one.

This pile of fabrics is for the back my Flags of the American Revolution quilt and I really don't have very many large pieces of red or blue so I'm trying to figure out how to get these pieces put together so it will be big enough (trying to use up stash).  The quilt is 80 1/2" square.  I have lots of red and blue, but not many large pieces.  Probably used up on some donation quilts.

It's good that I've been using stash, but it seems like I have lots of small pieces and tons of scraps, but not many large pieces - at least that will "go" with what I'm basting.  Hmmm, maybe I'll need to do some shopping.  The LQS gives a 25% discount during your birthday week and my birthday is coming up soon, so I have some plans.


  1. Looks like a good plan to get those quilts moving forward. Just like the baby birds, quilts tend to take a lot of fabric, especially for backings, borders and bindings. I like to piece mine to use up the stash and to try to add a special surprise to the back.

  2. The baby robins have such large, hungry mouths, the parents are indeed busy feeding them! Love the back of your Buddies quilt, it makes two quilts in one. The sun shining through the quilt makes a great photo, too. The Prairie Gathering fabric is pretty and will be nice for the back of DJ. Very pretty cross stitching on your Mama's quilt top, it will be a special finish! The fabrics for your flags quilt is so pretty, too. Love that red! Happy Birthday, have fun shopping. I have a birthday in July, too!

  3. That is a very fun quilt back. I have never put that much effort into a back--mine are really boring!
    Your Mom's cross-stitch will be a great family heirloom. Do you already know how you are going to quilt it?
    I love that fabric of Pam's, too.
    I always browse the clearance fabrics for possible backings, but it sounds like your birthday "sale" is coming just in time. : )

  4. What a great picture of those baby robins! We have a nest in our hyfrangea, but it's been pretty quiet so either we missed the hatching or the birds vacated the nest early. Thank you for sharing the back of your friendship quilt. It's a great use of orphan blocks. Taking notes over here :) Good luck with all your basting. That's my least favourite part of the quilting process! I'm especially looking forward to seeing how you quilt your mother's quilt top. What a treasure!

  5. Well done Ruth. The back of the Friendship is terrific! Joanne's post on baking has me thinking differently too. That's a lovely fabric for Dear Jane and a trip,to the quilt store when there is a discount on is a smart move.

  6. what sweet little birdies!
    what a neat photo of your quilt. OH I love embroidered bedding! I hope you'll share a photo of the whole spread.
    Have fun buying some Birthday fabrics :)

  7. "How long 'til breakfast? Mom, will you please hurry? We are starving!" I can hear those little birdies now! Your mother's embroidery will be such a treasure; can't wait to see how you quilt it. You chose a perfect backing for your DJ quilt too! ---"Love"