Sunday, May 28, 2017


Yea!  I'm all caught up with my Block Heads blocks!

Block 12
 I hand appliques this block.
Block 10
 This block from "Flags of the American Revolution" took all afternoon yesterday.  I machine appliquéd this one!

Here's my design wall with just some of the other blocks from the "Flags" quilt.  I did mostly easy ones first.

DH put up our flag pole yesterday just in time for Memorial Day.

Let's remember all those who served and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Yea! All caught up, feels good doesn't it? I love the applique blocks, both of them. Your "Flags" blocks are wonderful, it will be a great quilt. We fly our flag everyday and tomorrow DH will put up a second one to honor our fallen soldiers. We have family members who served or are serving in every branch of the military. Thanks you to everyone who helps keep freedom alive.

  2. I am impressed that you are caught up--something like that rarely happens to me. : )
    The eagle in the "Flags" blocks really stands out proudly! Nice job!

  3. To all those who serve in the defence of their country, we thank you. The ties between our two countries is still strong. Nice work on your flag block - so intricate. I saw some Blockhead blocks made into bigger star blocks. That would work in my Civil War style quilt. Must catch up on the patterns.

  4. great Eagle block for the flag quilt! It's nice to catch up....I wonder how that feels, ha ha

  5. Very nice blocks! Love your Flags quilt too! Great time of the year to be working on them.

  6. I'm running behind again on my BH blocks; one finished, one cut, fabrics selected for the third one. Maybe soon I'll get them done. I do have a good excuse (sort of). Your blocks are really pretty, and I love that eagle with bowed head over our flag, in honor of those who have served and are serving still, including your son, to keep our country free. ---"Love"