Wednesday, May 24, 2017


On May 12, I attended the Festival of Quilts in Portland, Oregon and I am finally getting around to sharing some photos from it.  I entered 2 of my quilt into the show.

This quilt, The Eagle, was made for my DS because he is a pilot.  Actually, I made 2 of these quilts because I also have another son who is a pilot.  Talk about a glutton for punishment!  You really can't see it here, but the alternating blocks each have an eagle hand embroidered on them.  

Here are some close-up photos of the quilt that show more detail for those who have never seen it before.  There are 10 eagles per quilt and I embroidered 20 of them before I started any piecing.

Close-up of eagle and airplane 
 The border words are the call letters that pilots use to identify their airplane's number.  I used the book "Word Play Quilts" by Tonya Ricucci for making the letters.  I don't think I could have done it without that book.

Close-up showing how the words around the border were pieced.

The second quilt that I entered in the show was "Baskets of Blue" which you can see in the center of my header picture.

So, now, on to some of the many gorgeous quilts in the show!

 This is a T-shirt quilt that I just loved!  The T-shirts are from various national parks and I love the animal pictures on them.

Selvedge outfit.
I tried to get pictures of all the tags on each quilt, but unfortunately, a lot of those were blurry so I didn't include the attribution.

See how the hexes have been fussy cut?  All of them in the middle row of each block are like that!!

Multnomah Falls, OR

Kind of blurry, but it was so bright it's almost like it is lit up!

This is an antique pickle dish quilt made in 1870 that I just loved!

Of course, there were lots more and I didn't have time to take pictures of all of them, but this gives you an idea!


  1. Your love and patience shines through your quilts made for your sons. Very wonderful. Both quilts of yours are wonderful. The quilts from the show are stunning as well. Amazing talent on display. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  2. I'm sure both your sons love their special quilts, and as I've said before, your basket quilt is gorgeous! The show quilts are all very pretty. Those fussy cut hexies are unbelievable, and the antique pickle dish quilt is amazing. I really love those log cabin baskets! Glad you entered and enjoyed the show; thanks for sharing. ---"Love"

  3. I am impressed with the quilts you made, Ruth!
    Thanks for sharing the show with us. I always marvel at the clever and amazing creations out there. Fun to see what others think up that would never have occurred to me!

  4. A great quilt show. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous quilts, and for including the two that you entered. And that antique pickle dish quilt is fabulous.

  5. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Love you airplane quilts and so clever to put the words in the border!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful quilts! So many talented creative quilters

  7. Your airplane quilt is charming and the border words just make it so special!

  8. I'm so glad you entered your quilts! I'm sure they were photographed and admired a lot! Love the words in the border of the airplane one.
    Looks like a nice show!

  9. Your quilts look great in the show. I especially love your airplane quilt.

  10. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful quilts - especially your own. The plane and eagle quilt is a labour of love with all that embroidery. Your blue basket quilt is still one of my all time favourites and a real heirloom.

  11. That selvedge outfit must weigh a ton. Wouldn't want to wear it to the doctor's office and have to get on the scale before the doctor sees you.