Saturday, August 27, 2016


Here is my Westering Women block for July!  ROUND ROBIN block for the next season at my quilt guild.   I decided I would do it for another year because the RR quilts came out so nice.  If I get very frustrated this year with coming up with a new border every month, I might not do a third year of it.  

I don't know what happened to my mind, but I had been looking at the Civil War Quilts web site to see when the August block will be posted.  The August one will be posted on the 31st, so currently I am up to date.  I like it that these are 12" blocks.  And we only have to do one per month.  I'm not sure it will make a big enough quilt but I can always add wider sashing and borders.

This RR block is also 12" and I made it with CW fabrics, so that probably added to my confusion!  Am I getting old or what?  I found this block in Quiltmaker's 100 Block Vol. 2 from Winter 2010.  It was done in black, red and white.  It was stunning, but that doesn't really go with my decor, so I opted for the CW fabrics and changed the black to blue.

I'm also trying to get some projects finished for a possible craft show coming up in December.  I have 3 of each of these pillows almost finished.  They were in a panel and I also have a lap quilt that goes with them.  The pillow cover tops are quilted and the backs have a velcro closure so they can be taken off and washed.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Your RR block is very pretty, I would choose to do it in red, white and blue, too. Love the combination. The center fabric really shines in there. The pillow covers are pretty, too. I like the fall colors in them. I think they will be nice for your craft show. Enjoy your weekend, too!

  2. Your RR block is stunning! I hope your RR buddies will add some repro fabrics in their go-rounds. I'm seriously thinking about adding a central medallion on my Westering Women quilt and setting the blocks on point. That should make it a good queen size I think. Still have to work out the details on that but first I need to start setting all those Quilty 365 circles. Have over 300 of them finished (a bit ahead of the game for once).

  3. That's a very pretty block, and the fabrics are beautiful! The pillows are really pretty too. ---"Love"

  4. Your block is a great combo of fabrics, for whatever project it may be intended. : )
    Do you often do craft fairs? Seems like so much work to me (I am such a lazy quilter).

  5. I really like all of the blocks. Speaking of "stunning", that's what your header is with that prize-winning quilt.

  6. Lovely, lovely projects! You always keep me inspired!

    Blessings and hugs!