Monday, August 1, 2016


I'm up to date on the Westering Women blocks.  The last one was super easy!

I have been working on a UFO lately.  It's a quilt I saw at Lori's home several years ago and liked a lot.  I don't remember when I started it, but I got tired of having it in a box, so I determined to myself that I would at least finish the top.  It appeared in the Fall/Winter 2005 Quilt Sampler magazine and is called "American Crossroads."  I already had 93 blocks finished and needed 63 more to make it into a queen size quilt.  I just finished 24 blocks!  So now I "only" need 39 more.  I'll try to get them made this week.

So, it seems I am back in the groove!  I also plan to get 2 wall hangings quilted this month.  One is my round robin!

Do you have any goals for August?


  1. Hmmmm---I have at least one box of blocks from long ago that I need to get together, but that's still a while longer off. I do have a plan to finish quilting my donation Christmas throw by tomorrow night if life stays out of the way; then I'll get back on my big project. Your UFO is going to be a beauty! Your new blocks are pretty too. Hope you can stay with your plan better than I seem to. ---"Lovwe"

  2. I made the American Cross Roads quilt but used the kit. I LOVE yours!!!! I have trouble making scrappy quilts. It should be easy but it's hard for me. Do you try to make a pleasing block or just grab a color and use it? I LOVE your Westering block color choices too!

  3. Only 63 more, huh? No big deal. You'll have that knocked out in a few hours! It's a beautiful quilt. I'm glad you're back in the groove. I'm still trying to get there myself - some days are better than others - so I guess you could call my August goal to get back in the groove?

  4. Nice job! My goal for August is to get caught up on my 1857 blocks.