Saturday, August 6, 2016


Yesterday, my next door neighbor, her mother and I went to Newport OR on the coast to a quilt show and had a great day!  Here are some of my favorite quilts.  I will post more tomorrow.  Some of my pictures aren't real clear, but I wanted to show those quilts anyway, so I hope your eyes don't cross while looking at them.

Paradise in Bloom designed by Judy Niemeyer 

These last 2 are mini quilts that I really loved!

It's always so inspiring to go to a quilt show!  Stay tuned for some more pictures of quilts as well as the story of our day.


  1. Very beautiful quilts--I love the minis, too. : )
    I believe a friend of mine was vending at this show. We were just missing each other on our trips to Oregon.

  2. Wow! loved so many in there. Thanks for sharing these eye candies. ;^)

  3. Oh my goodness! That applique flower basket quilt is absolutely gorgeous! So is the medalion quilt following it! In fact, all of them are really pretty. Thanks for sharing a great show! Glad you got to go. ---"Love"

  4. The baskets of flowers applique quilt is my favorite. A lot of work went into making it.

  5. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Each has its own kind of beauty and workmanship. Thanks for the tour. I've always admired the little houses with a quilt block on them because here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania we see quilts hanging on clothes lines across a front porch on Monday - wash day.