Friday, March 4, 2016


Last Friday I went on a retreat with my church to Lincoln City, Oregon on the Pacific Coast.  On the way there, we stopped for lunch at the Otis Cafe, in Otis, OR.  It's a tiny "hole in the wall" place that has become quite famous for their delicious and generous meals.  We stuffed ourselves with yummy food and continued on to the retreat.

Saturday turned out to be a pretty nice day and we were able to get out to walk on the beach for a little while.  The ocean waves are so amazing to me - a girl who grew up in the mid-west.  During our song fest times we could look out the window at the ocean and the words of one of the songs we sang were very meaningful:

Filled with wonder,
Awestruck wonder,
At the mention of Your Name.
Jesus, Your Name is power.

Clothed in rainbows of living color,
Flashes of lightning,
Rolls of thunder.

Me on the beach
This is the house I stayed in and there was another one just like it, plus a small house.  I think there were 60 women all together, some coming just for Saturday.  We live about an hour from the coast.

I've been busy since I came home.  One thing I've been doing is making a cape for my grandson, who is in 2nd grade.  He needs to dress up like the Pronoun super hero.  My part is to make the orange cape.  It's almost finished, so I can get it in the mail later today.  They didn't have any "fun" methods to teach grammar when I was in school.  Here's the link to the grammar site if you are interested.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Have a great weekend.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Ruth!
    I love being at the coast, too, having grown up landlocked. There is such majesty there, isn't there? The vastness of the ocean, the waves lapping and/or crashing the shore, the endless horizon (when it is visible)--they leave me in awe!
    Good grandma to make her grandson a superhero cape! : )

  2. What a awesome place for a retreat, and truly His Name is Power! Those teaching/learning methods certainly were not around in my childhood days. We learned the parts of speech (8?) by merely repeating or writing the definitions, over and over. Everything seems easier and more fun for kids today, doesn't it? I'm sure your GS will love the cape you make for him. ---"Love"

  3. I know you had a wonderful time, I love that song.

  4. I never knew Otis cafe had a "following"! What a gorgeous place you stayed. How fun to make the cape.

  5. What a terrific place to stay for a retreat!

  6. That looks like a terrific place for a retreat!

  7. sounds great what a lovely location.

  8. There is nothing like the ocean to soothe your soul!

  9. Looks like you had a very nice weekend. We love the Oregon coast and the pretty beaches. Lincoln City has some nice restaurants, too.