Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I have been busy making table runners to decorate the tables at my GD's wedding reception.  They are not quilted and are fairly simple to make, but so far I have made 14 and have one more to finish.  Below you can see examples of the table runners, which will sit on top of a white tablecloth.  The printed fabric is from Japan and there will be a Japanese theme to the decorations.  I'm also making 5 bow ties out of the solid fabric and am almost finished with those.  

Small table runner and doll quilt top

The following 2 table runner tops will be for my Etsy shop.  One is a custom order and the other is just because.  Both are easy patterns, but I really like them.

I have a shoe box full of 4" finished saw tooth stars and decided to put these together into a doll quilt size quilt.  I have backings picked out for these last three items, so maybe I can get them basted and quilted soon.  I think I'll wait until after the wedding (on the 15th) to tackle basting and quilting 2 large quilts.

If you follow "The Quilting Show" you may have seen an article about a man's view of quilting.  But if not, follow this link to read a speech given by a criminal judge in Canada regarding his wife's quilting hobby.  It's hilarious!

Last, but not least, come remember to come back soon as I will be having a Give-Away!  I decided it was about time I have one.


  1. I had comments ready about your lovely projects, but then I clicked the link and read the speech. Now I am laughing and unable to recall what I had planned to say.
    Thanks, I needed the giggles. : )

  2. I too had comments in mind about your projects, the clicked on the link and failed to send my thoughts; that story was hilarious! And so true!
    The wedding reception runners will be a very nice effect, and then you know I love the stars in the doll quilt. I especially like those two table runners! Now I have to share that link with my quilting friends!

  3. You've been busy! When is the wedding?

  4. great runners - off to check out the link

  5. The wedding reception runners will be a very nice added touch. I like the two projects for your Etsy shop as well. And I always enjoy seeing a doll size quilt. So many projects; and they are all so nice.

  6. The table runners will be a nice touch. Love the little star quilt!!

  7. Those are going to be beautiful table runners for the wedding. Love your little doll quilt! I will check out the link. Thanks!

  8. Hello, Just checking in with my favorite quilter! :-) Being a mom hass been full time since #4 in 2011! I'll be back definitely, I have a lot of UFOs! You're Quilts are wonderful and the craft is well done for sure. Great to reconnect! - Jackie "Sew Fun 2 Quilt"

  9. Such pretty runners. LOve the fabric.