Monday, August 24, 2015


Since my GD got married just a week ago, I have been trying to get back to "normal."  The realization that she has moved from the west coast to the east coast with her new hubby is a reality now.  This past year she spent most Sundays here with me in the sewing room.

Since they couldn't take much with them on their flight I told her I would send the quilt that I'm giving them as a wedding gift.  So today, I am getting it ready to go.  This is my Civil War quilt made by following Barbara Brackman's blog in 2011.  See a better picture of it here.  She picked it out from 2 choices available.

Last week I finished quilting this table runner and sewed on the binding.  Now I just have to hand stitch it to the back.

I picked out some fabrics and rick rack to make "pillowcase" dresses for Lori at Humble Quilts to take to Bolivia in October.  I plan to start making them this week.

Today, I plan to baste my log cabin quilt and start getting it quilted - finally!

My new neighbor and I have plans to attend at least 2 quilt shows in small towns in Oregon this fall.  We decided we wanted to explore some places we haven't been to yet since moving here from Texas (she is my next door neighbor and we both moved here from Texas last year).

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Where in the east did your granddaughter move? Sad to have them go so far, isn't it?
    I've got my fabric all ready for some dresses, too. Now that I am home and settled a bit I need to get with it!
    How fun that you have a neighbor from your home state to go with you exploring quilty places! : )

  2. no lack of quilt projects for you!

  3. Hello Ruth
    Your grand daughters wedding quilt is beautiful. How fun your neighbour is a quilter to, I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with her.

  4. Congrats to your GD, but kind of sad to have her gone. Love her wedding quilt!! So, what shows will you be attending?

  5. I enjoyed reading about your surprise when you discovered a ribbon on your quilt :)

    You are surely going to miss her ...

  6. My youngest daughter had dibs on my Civil War quilt about two weeks after I started it. I know your granddaughter is going to love the one you made.

  7. Such a beautiful CW quilt and it will be a much treasured heirloom for your GD, her hubby and children (when they come!) That batik topper looks great - I must make something out of batik. The jewel tones are gorgeous. Visiting quilt shows in new places sounds like a great plan. Looking forward to your reviews and photos.

  8. Your GD certainly has a good eye for a gorgeous quilt, and it's even more special having been made by you. As I've said before, I love your setting on it. I'm keeping a picture of it for when I ever get around to putting mine together; hope I do half as well! You will always find good friends wherever you are, --- because you ARE one! Have fun at the shows! ---"Love"

  9. It is kind of a bittersweet thing...weddings. Especially if they move away. Wishing all the best for them.
    Love the quilt that will be going to them.
    I have not been blogging or sewing for that matter. Just lots going on here.
    I hope to get myself into a routine as fall approaches.