Friday, August 14, 2015


At least I was very lucky last week, because I won a give-away from Rogue Quilter!  I won a pin cushion kit, some tumbler blocks all cut out, a tiny flag to use in a little wall hanging and the magazine with the PP pattern for making more tiny flags.  Farther down in this post you will see the finished pincushion!  Yes!  I made it right away - I couldn't wait and it went quite fast.  My sewing machine was at the doctor's, so I took a tiny break from using it.  I was just about ready to get my Featherweight out when they called to say it was ready!  Thanks so much for the wonderful gifts, Janet!

The apples are ripening on DS/DIL's trees and this morning I made 2 apple pies.  (I made one on Monday as well).  We won't be eating all of these ourselves as I'm taking them back for them as with the wedding on Saturday they have company and are very busy.

I love labor saving devices, don't you?  I purchased this apple peeler/corer/slicer at a garage sale and I love it!  It's so easy because it peels, cores and slices just by turning the handle!

Here's one pie out of the oven.  Do you notice something?  I have an old sheet and when I bake a pie I tear off a strip which I get wet and then wrap around the edge of the crust so it won't get over done.  This is what my Grandma and Mom did and I have been using the same old sheet for at least 20 years.  Normally, I only would bake a couple apple pies per year, but now living here in Oregon near DS/DIL, they have 3 apple trees, so I am baking lots more pies.

I love home made apple pies.  Don't bother to offer me any store bought one.

Here is my patriotic wool appliquéd pin cushion sitting on a book shelf in my living room.  I love the way it looks!

Another pin cushion that I just finished recently (having started it a few years ago) is on the next shelf.  This one was a pattern in "Primitive Quilts and Projects."

And on the bottom shelf in an old wooden box I have three pin cushions.

Don't forget to enter my give-away here!  Good luck to everyone!  I will draw on Monday.


  1. Hello Ruth !
    Lucky you for these presents !!
    Your apple pie is amazing ! (Can I say that for a pie ?) ..... I would like to taste it !
    Hugs !

  2. Lucky you! Janet's giveaway is so so nice.
    You make such beautiful pincushions and they look so nice on your shelves.
    The patriotic cushion is adorable

  3. Oh my how could I forget about the pie? It looks delicious. I have that slicer too - somewhere around her, lol

  4. What a nice win, and all the pin cushions are special. (I'm still using the one you gave me made of a 4-patch and prairie points; luv it!) Wish I had a slice of pie right now! Never heard of the wet strip before; will have to try that one! Have fun at the wedding. ---"Love"

  5. Yum, I can almost smell that pie. Would love to taste it - would you be kind enough to share your recipe.


  6. apple pie looks delicious I do love them homemade but my husband buys one premade but frozen he will bake and it really is good I think because he didn't ask but went out and got one to treat us.
    I love your pincushions and the american flag is adorable you are so right! I have most of the mini mags and some duplicates that is a great ideal to send as a gift. Will have to keep that in mind when I do my mini swaps.

  7. Your pie looks wonderful. I had never heard of using an old sheet like that. I agree that homemade pie is the best (with homemade pie crust). I've never had a piece of pie from a store or restaurant that was as good as a plain homemade one.

  8. Loving all your beautiful pincushions!

  9. What a great idea to use the sheet, rather than foil.
    Congrats on the win! Love your pin cushions.

  10. Congratulations on a fabulous win! I love your pin cushions! That apple pie looks so yummy! Apple pie is one of our favorites, but I won'tbe making them very often now. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes a few months back. I am not sure of they would taste the same with Splenda. :(

  11. Your home made apple pie look delicious Ruth and that's a neat trick to stop the edges burning. Almost worth the cost of a ticket to Oregon!
    What a terrific giveaway you won - lots of goodies.