Thursday, March 5, 2015


I recently won a fat quarter and an origami pin from Chantal!  What adorable fabric for a baby quilt!  And the butterfly pin was a surprise.  Isn't it cute?  She said she will post a tutorial on how to make them soon, so be sure to check out her blog.  I love the 30's fabric she used.

The project was a doll quilt, sheets and pillow for an antique bed that someone wanted me to make for them.  I felt honored to do it and sure hope she likes it.  She sent me the fabric to use as she wanted it to look like something made around 1830.

The sheets are folded below the quilt.

At Buttermilk Basin's blog yesterday, she showed some uses for old watering cans and told how much she likes them.  So I decided to show you my old watering can too.  I found this watering can at a garage sale in Prineville, OR a couple years ago and now I'm using it on my front step.  I found an old short step ladder that I'm using to set it on.  Haven't decided yet if I'm going to paint the step ladder or not.  * I'm linking up to Knick of Time for their Vintage Inspiration Party!

The good news is regarding my physical therapy on Monday.  I was very encouraged because of several things:

1.  She said I didn't have a bad case of carpal tunnel
2.  I don't have to stop sewing
3.  I will have therapy for 1 month and then evaluate
4.  She gave me some exercises to do at home and ideas for continuing wellness for many years

So, I feel pretty good about this.  The therapist's mother is a quilter, so she understands and feels that with proper strategies I can do well.  Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words and ideas!  I really didn't know much about it and now I feel a lot better and am glad that I decided not to wait until it got worse before addressing it.


  1. Great news about the wrist!
    What an adorable little quilt. I'm sure the buyer will be pleased. What a cute butterfly pin!

  2. So glad to hear the good news about your hand! The little quilt is really pretty and does look like something from the past. So does the ladder and watering pot; I love both of them. Helps make your front porch look very inviting, along with your name plate, welcome sign, and pretty wreath. Hey, the sun is shining finally, and melting the 3-4 inches of snow and sleet we got last night! I went out and took pictures of the SHADOWS! First time in almost 3 weeks we've had enough sun to even make shadows! ---"Love"

  3. Congratulations on the win, the fabric is adorable and the pin is very cute! You did a really nice job on the little quilt and linens for the doll bed. I'm sure the recipient will be very happy with them. You also have great news about the CT. I'm happy to hear you can keep sewing and it will be part of your therapy. Have fun and hope you heal quickly!

  4. Cute fabric and butterfly pin.
    Love the quilt and bedding you made.
    I just finished a quilt for a doll bed that I have. The bed has an old "mattress" on it but the cover is yuck. I want to make a new one. How do you make the sheets?
    I am so happy that you went for treatment on the carpal tunnel. Much better to treat before there is any nerve damage. I know you will follow all the therapist tells you.

  5. Fun winnings, Ruth!
    What a lovely little doll quilt you created. Who wouldn't be pleased?
    I like the watering can and unpainted ladder.
    Good news about your wrist. Glad you had it checked out. My MIL waited too long, had to have surgery and is still uncertain of a complete recovery.

  6. Plenty of wins all round Ruth! Great news about your carpal, another delightful doll quilt and some terrific baby fabric. That butterfly pin is rather clever.

  7. Great news about your wrist Ruth! Great little doll quilt set too. Those are such fun to make. And that watering can is perfect for a front porch. Great find!

  8. Love your little quilt - great fabric choices! Glad that you had good news about your wrist - keep on stitching!

  9. Congratulations on your win! Such a cute pin. So glad to hear that your carpal tunnel can be treated and that you won't have to stop sewing. Your little doll quilt and sheet set are just perfect! You did a wonderful job on those.

  10. the doll quilt is adorable!!
    glad to hear its not CTS - hope therapy works fast and you feel better.

  11. The colors and star pattern speak to my heart! Very lovely indeed. I have carpal tunnel but as of 6 yrs ago no nerve damage. Quilting keeps me sane and I can't imagine being told I couldn't stitch. I would have to find a way somehow for needle and thread.
    I'm new to your blog...nice visit. Hope to come back soon.
    Gmama Jane
    Grandmama's Stories