Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is in honor of my wonderful husband, who makes my life complete.  The Vocal Majority Chorus in Dallas, TX is a great mens' chorus.  I hope this video works.  It's the first time I ever posted a video. 

Paul Anka wrote the song and his record of it was released in 1959 the year before DH and I started dating.  You can't beat the 50s for good songs.

In August we celebrated our 50th anniversary (which most of you know) and on our way to New England I took this picture of him standing by this strange looking tree in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

DH is a wonderful grandpa too.  He is the only grandpa that Abby has.  This picture is of him and Jonah - taken about a year ago.

Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!

Vintage Valentine, circa 1920


  1. Indeed you do have a wonderful Sweetheart of a husband, and a wonderful love story! The Vocal Majority is the absolute best! I miss them coming to TCU at Christmas. Great music! Enjoy your day with your hubby! ---"Love"

  2. Happy Valentine. I love that Paul Anka song and of course we played it a lot in our time.What a lovely grandson you have and he seems so happy with his granddad.

  3. Happy Valentine's, Ruth! Thanks for sharing the video. I just love acapella groups like this one. It's hard to believe voice is the only instrument I'm hearing!

  4. A lovely Valentine's Day post.

  5. Great song, they sound amazing.
    Hope Valentine's day was happy for you.
    Lovely post, lucky DH.

  6. Lovely Valentine post! thanks for the music and the cute valentine.
    Happy 50th again!
    cute photos