Friday, November 16, 2012


Carolyn at Lakeside quilting posted a short list about projects she needs to finish in the next month or so and somehow I got hooked into making a short list also!  I don't know how that happened.

1.  Doll clothes for Abigail.  Here is the dress I made yesterday.  I also made some flannel pajamas, but they aren't quite finished yet.  Plan to make (maybe) 2 more dresses.

2.  Gail Pan's Christmas Wish BOM from 2009.  Yes, the embroidery has been finished for 3 years, so I guess it's about time to put this together.  Here are 6 of the 9 blocks auditioning the sashing fabric.  I think I can get this finished soon.  

3.  Christmas ornaments.  I finished one for Abigail and am working on Jonah's (they both get a cross stitched penguin).  Eli will get a cross stitched Santa.  The rest will be little quilt blocks in red and white.  Not sure how many I will make yet.

4.  Quilt 2 donation quilts to take to December guild meeting.

5.  Batik fish for Eli and Jonah (stuffed).

6.  Finish appliqué (machine) top for DIL.

7.  Quilt lap quilt made out of Australian fabric.

If I think up any more things to make for gifts, this list will need to be revised.

I showed parts of this doll in a previous post and now she is finished except for adding yarn hair and finishing her green apron and bonnet (I'm looking for the right color green ribbon).  Here's a picture of her before I sewed on her head.
I got her from Keepsake Quilting.  There were 3 printed panels.

I bought this chair for 75 cents at a garage sale and needed a doll to sit in it.

Miss Malinda Dalton, Born 1835 in Virginia - she works as a maid for a landowner.

Sitting by the fireplace in her Sunday dress with the moose and rocking horse.
Do you have a short list?


  1. oh I just love that doll dress what pattern did you use and is it for an american girl doll????
    I am going to keep track of my bindings for Carolyns list!
    I wish you luck on your list!

  2. I don't have a short list but I think I'll make one! blessings, marlene

  3. 75 cents? how do you find such great bargains?! The doll dress is sweet.

  4. a short list is a great idea, but yours looks ambitious - good for you!
    The doll dress is adorable!!

  5. I don't have a short list. I have a never-ending-move-on-to-the-next-project-when-this-one-is-done list, LOL! Love all your projects!


  6. That's a *short* list? The projects are looking good though. Have fun crossing finishes off the list.

  7. Your list looks great, you'll be getting a lot of projects finished!

  8. That is such a cute doll dress. I was planning on making a couple of American Girl doll dresses, but I don't think they will be that cute. And If I don't get moving on my other projects I will end up buying them. : )
    The little doll you made from the panel is perfect for that chair--(what a find that was)! Did you make her dress, too? So cute!

  9. The doll and dresses are adorable! The chair is incredible, and so is the little rocking horse! Oh, do I have a list! Unfortunately it's not about quilt/craft projects, but rather a daily list of what I have to clean, and who's coming-here/going-there written in red, for everyday until Christmas! The list keeps growing! ---"Love"

  10. Your doll and her dress are so beautiful. That first I thought it was an adult chair for 75 cents. I about fell out of my chair.

    Making a list would be a very good thing going into the home stretch. But just where did this year go??

    Have a wonderful weekend and I do hope you are able to work that list.

    blessings, jill

  11. I always used to make a list early and then start on thge projects.
    These last few years I have shopped for Christmas in one big trip (alarmingly close to Christmas I might add). So far I have still managed to get some gifts made as well.
    This year I just need to get thru the wedding/reception (next Saturday). Then my mind can move on.
    I know you will finish that list no problem.
    The doll is adorable. The doll chair is a beauty. I love the red dress too.
    Happy stitching

  12. The red doll dress is perfect and I love the old-fashioned doll in the rocker.

  13. Thinking my short list is way too long...needing 8 life times - preferably before Christmas 2012! Love your sweet dolly - makes me want to unpack my unfinished Gail Wilson projects

    That little red dress is so precious!

  14. What a sweet little dress, but it looks like a lot of work! Your list looks long, but you can do it! Maybe I should make one? I can't seem to get myself on track with anything lately, so maybe putting it in writing on the blog would help? Hmmm... Good luck getting all your projects done!