Saturday, May 26, 2012


After quilting about 2/3 of my quilt last week, I needed a break from quilting and needed to do some mindless piecing.  I think a lot of us enjoy piecing because it is easy and we can get something accomplished.  Quilting is harder and for me it isn't as much fun.  I also was trying to fight off a sinus infection, so I wanted to take it easier.

This  is a kit I won a few months ago and blogged about here.  The top is now finished.

This is my leader/ender project - Ohio star blocks made from a couple mens' shirts!  This will be a donation quilt when finished.

A couple years ago I received some FQs from Leanne in Tasmania in exchange for some fabric I sent to her.  I have been wanting to make a lap quilt with it for a long time.  Finally, I got a top made out of the fabric.  I love the variety of fabric from florals and birds to depictions of artifacts.

Now, I am back to quilting my Kaleidoscope quilt.  I want to finish it by sometime next week.

I hope you enjoy the weekend and will remember the heroes of our country.


  1. I like basket blocks in quilts. Your new piece has some interesting block designs in it. I like the one with the pinwheel center.

  2. Your Prairie Huswyfe is wonderful! I am in the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle by mail, and just received the kit last week. You may inspire me to get it done sooner than later!

  3. What a fun little basket quilt! Gives me lots of ideas!! : )
    When you take a break to do some piecing, you do a lot of piecing!

  4. The basket quilt is darling!! Oh, and I love Ohio stars!!! I too love to piece to take a break!! I've been working on an applique project - I'm doing it by hand. So I stopped and pieced a few blocks!! Hope you are soon well from your sinus malady! No fun not feeling well!! Looking forward to the finish!!


  5. Love your basket quilt! The one with the birds is really pretty too, and the mens' shirts will make a great donation quilt! Good idea!
    Just want to say thanks to your son for his military service to our country. I know you are glad he is back in the states and home from the middle east! ---"Love"

  6. The fabric from Tasmania is beautiful.

  7. That's quite a lot for just one week! The basket quilt is very cute. And the Tasmanian fabrics are wonderful. What a great quilt! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

  8. The basket quilt is just adorable. I like the Ohio star block. Great shirt fabrics.
    I like the setting you used on your 'swap' quilt. It really shows off the fabrics. Isn't it fun to play with different fabrics? They look really cool.
    Happy quilting.
    Thank you to your son and all the sons and daughters who risk it all to defend our country.

  9. You are making fast work of that quilt.

  10. Your basket quilt is beautiful. Love the green fabric in the mix.
    The lap quilt is a delightfully different. Really like the rectangular pieces instead of the usual squares. Well done.