Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Abigail loves the camper too!  She wants to visit every day and every time she comes over she wants to make the Noah's Ark puzzle.  I got this puzzle at a garage sale years ago for my older 2 GC and now it is perfect for her and Jonah.  It has an animal for each letter of the alphabet.

She has a fascination with washing her hands in the camper for some reason!  Every 10-15 min. or so, she wants to wash her hands.  I guess that's not a bad thing.  We can nickname her "Miss Monk."

Some more piecing going on.  This time I'm piecing blocks for my Scrappity-Do-Dah quilt that I started when I first retired over 2 years ago.  It has pretty much been a strictly travel project and now I have all 460 blocks ready to put together!

Below are piles of sets of 2 blocks sewn together.  I have also sewn all of these into 4-patch blocks and will probably work on these at the house at some future time.

I bought this piece of fabric at a thrift shop in Arkansas - about 2 yards for $4.  I will probably use it in a donation quilt or something for the boys.

This morning my DIL and I are going to a couple thrift shops after we drop Abby off at Mother's Day Out.

Have a great day!


  1. I'll bet she likes washing her hands in the camper because she can reach the sink without help!


  2. I would be fascinated with the camper sink too. Where does the water come from? Will it run out if I wash my hands too many times? :)

  3. Abigail is so precious! Wonderful that you have special times like these beinging with your grandchildren and family.

    Happy Mothers Day Ruth!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  4. Abigail is adorable!! What a fun place to hang out with her:)

  5. What a little Sweetie Abigail is! Everything is more fun at Grandma's, including hand washing! I'm surprised you are getting so much sewing done with all the fun with her. All those blocks look great! Keep having fun, and stay safe! ---"Love"

  6. Sweet little handwasher!
    I am impressed that you have kept at your "travel project" and now it is ready to put together. That's got to feel good!

  7. What a cutie you have there....

  8. Not sure if I was able to comment last post or not....I have been having occasional trouble commenting.
    I would be fascinated with the camper too. Probably would not need to wash my hands that often though. LOL. She is adorable.
    That puzzle looks like fun.
    Enjoy your time with the grands.

  9. Abigail is darling, what a little cutie and what a great puzzle! I want that yummy looking coffee you have there!

  10. The best toys are the old toys, Abigail thinks so. .

  11. Abigail is so cute - I have a grandson we call "Monk" occasionally, too.