Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Both DH and I are sick, so our Mother's Day was very quiet.  Since all of our kids do not live nearby, we didn't see them, but I did speak to all of them on the phone.

Below is a picture of our sons on the day our youngest was born 39 1/2 years ago.  Now, our youngest is a Major in the US Air Force and will be returning from the middle east soon.  Our middle son (on the left in the picture, is the one who just graduated from nursing school, and our oldest (on the right) is a pilot for Federal Express.  They are all wonderful and I'm very proud of each one of them.

My Three Sons on 12/1/1972

DS#1 sent me this gorgeous bouquet for Mother's Day!

I have laryngitis and can't really talk at all right now, but I don't feel too bad, so I have an assembly line going on here to make superhero capes for Jonah's birthday party.  The capes will be reversible with Superman on one side and Batman on the other.  For girls there will  be a pink "princess" cape on one side and a Batgirl cape on the reverse.
Batgirl cape


Princess cape

Stack of completed appliqued capes

Stacks of Superman capes in various stages of applique.
Once I get all the applique finished I can put the two sides together.  I need more black fabric before I can finish, so I guess a trip to JoAnn's will be in order.  I have some coupons in my purse already.


  1. It sounds like you did have a nice Mother's Day. Hope you and your husband are feeling better. Have a great week.

  2. You are amazing! Making capes for everyone? Unbelievable! I do hope you and hubby get to feeling better soon. What a sweet picture of your three sons; you have every right to be proud of all three of them and their accomplishments! ---"Love"

  3. You are a good grandma making the capes. Cute idea.

  4. Make sure to make a cape for yourself - SuperQuilter! The grandkids will LOVE them. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. Love the picture of your three boys and the birthday capes are a wonderful idea.

  6. The capes are wonderful! They are going to have so much fun with them!!