Friday, June 10, 2022

Some Quilts for the Cultural Center

 My quilt guild, Gone to Pieces, has been invited to present a display of our quilts at the Cultural Center in Lincoln City, Oregon beginning in late August through October, so I have been trying to get some quilts ready for this.  Here are a couple table runners that I just made to hang there.  These measure at 12" x 57" and the falling leaves measures at 12" x 44".

I will also submit these 2 larger quilts:

Spider quilt

Pineapple 9-patch

Just finished quilting and binding the string quilt that I showed in the last post.  The colors don't show up very well in the first picture, but you can see them better in the close up picture.  I quilted it with swirls using grey thread.

Thanks for visiting!  We are having more rain this weekend.  Again.  But I'm happy it isn't real hot and I don't have to water my seeds!!  I also planted a tomato plant.  Unfortunately, I don't take after my Dad and his green thumb, so we'll see if I get any tomatoes and flowers from the seeds.


  1. What beautiful quilts you submitted
    I really like that Scrappy rail quilt - its beautiful!!!

  2. What a lovely collection of quilts!

  3. That will be exciting to have your quilts on display at the cultural center!
    Nice finish on the string quilt!
    I hear you on the "didn't get my Dad's green thumb" thing. My Dad kept a meticulous vegetable garden, sharing produce with his neighbors, through his 92nd year. I'm already considering being done, other than my raspberries, and mine has never been meticulous! I'll be cheering for you to get tomatoes!! :)

  4. Great quilts to show, really fun! My tomato plants already look pretty sad, they get a virus that makes the leaves all curly. I don't want to have to buy new ones, so will just see if they produce anything. Hope yours do well!