Monday, May 30, 2022


On April 19, Lori from Humble Quilts came to my guild and the workshop after the meeting was strip quilts.  I decided to make one with purple, orange, yellow and pink.  I added a green polka dot for the setting triangles and the top is pictured below.  

It is basted now and this pictures shows a little of the top and the Tula Pink backing.  I plan to have it finished in time for the next guild meeting and it will then be donated to a shelter.  It measures 58 1/4" x 76 1/2".

I made a new opening picture out of some of my past strip quilts.  I'll probably change it again soon because the middle quilt is quite blurry.  That quilt belongs to my 14 year old grandson.

This next quilt will also be a donation quilt.  I will keep this one at home to have it available for a need that might come up unexpectedly.  This was a project that I worked on now and then for a couple years.  All the pieces are 3 1/2" x 2".  Great for using scraps!  It's called Bonnie Lass and measures 66" x 89".  I had to hang it on the clothes line sideways or it would have dragged on the ground.

My sister's cat Zuzu has taken a liking to one of the fishes that I sent for Christmas.  She's using it as a pillow!

Isn't she sweet?

My flag is flying for Memorial Day.

Let's all pray for our country.  



  1. Great donation quilts. I need to start sewing some of the mounds of scraps around here into strip quilts. Fun and easy and they always turn out great. I love your header photo collage!

  2. WOW - You outdid yourself with your header photo/collage of so many wonderful quilts! That must have taken some repeated efforts ( ??? ) That's not even counting the next quilts, and always-cute cat photo. My flag is so disreputable and ragged, and on top of the flagpole, that I cannot figure how to take down. 8-(((

  3. I love your "sunset" color palette for that first strip quilt. Your scrappy quilts make me happy. :)
    Zuzu and the fish made me laugh. I've never seen a cat use a pillow.

  4. What fun quilts! I'm still battling my inner scrap demons (that whole matchy-matchy thing), but have found that the walk down memory lane with my fabrics is a good help to motivate me. And the kitty is adorable - she really does love her fishy!

  5. I love your amazing scrappy creations!! So pretty and fun!

  6. I LOVe your quilts! The string is creative the way you placed the colors. Fantasitc!