Monday, July 12, 2021


I had some hand work ready for the long drive from Oregon to Kansas and Florida - and for the long drive home!  I had received this book for my birthday from my sister a few years ago and decided to make the baby quilt pictured on the cover.  My favorite movie is "Miss Potter" so I was excited to get something that has her drawings to use to make something.  I had cut the hexagons before we left and traced the pictures onto the fabric.  I'm lucky to have a DH who looks for quilt shop signs along the road and the first shop that we stopped at was in Wyoming - in a small town in the middle of nowhere!

The shop, Valley Fabric Shop, Urie, Wyoming (population 262 in 2020), was amazing and I could have spent a much longer time perusing their wonderful displays.


I wanted to find fabrics to use for the Peter Rabbit quilt and I found the fabrics in the picture below.  

This is some of the embroidery that I did while riding down the highways.  I haven't finished all the stitching - especially the eyes on some of them.

After leaving Kansas we were on our way to Florida.  I think I was reading and I felt the car turning around.  I asked DH why he was doing that and he said he wanted to get some coffee - we were in Missouri at the time.  He did get coffee after he dropped me off at this quilt shop.  Look at the caption under the name of the quilt shop.  I did not scream because I didn't see the sign that he saw.

They were having a sale on patterns, panels and books.  I found 2 patterns.  The apron looks easy to make, but the Diamond Log Cabin looks very hard.  It is a 26 1/2" square wall hanging (and there was one hanging in the shop).  That's what I saw and I loved it.  It's all paper pieced, but I'm pretty sure I have enough scraps to make it.  Blue Top Quilt Shop in Lamar, MO is also a wonderful shop with a large variety of fabrics and quilting supplies.

This is the panel I bought.

I got this fabric to make the apron.

And got this fabric just because I liked it.

I will close with this picture of me with Abby, my granddaughter (age 12) and my DIL, Vizo.

 We had a wonderful time on our trip, but are very happy to be back home!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. You found some great fabrics and the little embroideries are so sweet. I remember more of the illustrations from Beatrix Potter books I read as a child than the stories, but I loved the detail in the drawings. And hooray for a successful trip and the return to sleeping in your own bed! (The sweetest part of a return home, though seeing pets again also might be #1!)

  2. I had just sat down at the computer, getting to send you an e-mail to ask how you have been handling the heat and earthquakes up that way. Went on to check to see if you had posted anything, and sure enough, you had, though you didn't mention the heat. I love your new embroidery pieces; you always do such beautiful work. Looks like you found some really neat patterns, and you would know I love the panel. I also like the picture of the three of you. I can hardly believe Abby is already 12! She is going to be a beautiful teenager before we know it! Glad you had a good trip. Was good to hear from you. I'm still curious how you are handling the heat! It's been cool here most of the time. I think we hit 91 yesterday. The metroplex keeps getting lots of rain (again today), but it's been mostly dry here. ---"Love"


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  4. nice travel report and love the apron fabric!

  5. Looks like you are having a blast on your trip. Enjoy!

  6. Lovely fabric to add to your stash. Love your stitcheries. Gorgeous picture of you three. ;^)