Sunday, July 25, 2021

More Trip Photos

We've been home 2 weeks now and I think I am finally getting organized (somewhat)!  I got all my photos transferred to my computer and want to share a few more.  The first week we went to Kansas to visit DS#3 and his family.  We specifically went for his retirement "ceremony" from the Air Force.  He had retired last year, but because of covid there was no official ceremony, so his colonel had one this June in his home - very casual.  Here is a picture of the cake:

We had fun with our 2 grandsons and went to numerous baseball games and swimming events.  Below is our 10 year old DGS practicing pitching.

I really messed up and didn't get very many good pictures of our 13 year old DGS.

 They also have a dog who is very friendly and has adopted me as his "grandma."  I get up early in the mornings and was sitting near the patio door reading (in the walk out basement) when Olaf was let out into the back yard.  When he saw me sitting near the window he pestered me until I let him inside for a bit.  He likes to get close and thinks he fits in my lap, but that wasn't really possible.

My latest "wild life" pictures are below:

The moth picture was taken in Kansas (he was about 3" long),

and the frog (who was only 1 1/4" long) was taken in Florida under the outside grill.

This little guy was seen this last week on one of my morning walks.  This is only the 2nd time I have seen a raccoon in my neighborhood.

And yes, I have been sewing, but mostly trying to get the sewing room organized as well as making list of what I need to get when I do my birthday shop at the LQS.  Not much to show except these panels of selvedges that I have sewn together.  I didn't know what project to work on, so I just started sewing these together as I do want to make a couple table runners out of them.  I have a lot more sewn together and was trying to sew pieces that were approximately the same length together as well as making separate ones for Christmas fabrics, reproduction fabrics, etc.  I am going to appliqué sun flowers on a table runner and for a Christmas one, I plan to appliqué a santa on each end of a table runner.  I also want to make some other things with the selvedge fabrics but haven't quite made up my mind exactly what yet,  Probably bags and maybe zip pouches.  I still have 2 more bins full of these - I have been saving them for years.  Do you save yours to make things with?  And if so, what do you make?

Hope you are staying cool (or comfortable if you are down under) and able to work on your quilting projects!


  1. The dog is too funny! It seems the largest ones always want to be lap dogs, but he looks so friendly, I would have helped him. Your selvedge pieces are huge! I save mine, but my mom and a quilty friend get them, as I find them tedious. So when I get a shoebox full, one or the other gets it...and I start another! I'll be watching to see what your birthday shopping trip brings.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Ah selvedges, the best tomato plant ties ever! That's all I use them for.

  3. That was very decent of the Commanding Officer to have a ceremony for your son. Those grandsons are growing up fast. What a great idea for the selvedges. I never keep mine. That moth looks like a leaf presumably camouflage on the right plant. Olaf still thinks he’s a puppy. Knows a good grandma when he sees one and he got cuddles.

  4. I keep most of my salvages. I have made two very large quilts with them as well as many small projects. I have made the zip pouches, a special pouch for me to tote my hand sewing supplies in all my travels, and I like to use them as an accent on handmade purses and tote bags. Right now I’m sewing up the small pieces (about 2” wide) onto cash register tape that I was given years ago. I am going to use them in a fairly plain layer cake I was given as an accent stripe in various places on the 10” square. I figure that will be a large, easy pattern to make a quick quilt. I like to have 3/4” above the selvage showing so I see the beautiful fabrics. If I can find pictures, I’ll send you some in an email.

  5. That's a beautiful cake honoring your son, and well deserved! Enjoyed the pictures of the GS's and also the animals. I usually keep my selvages, but then usually using them to tie up a box or something. I've done no quilting lately except at retreat last week. Having lots of leg and back problems! Also having serious problems with my Blogger and yahoo account. Hope they get things straightened out soon! ---"Love"

  6. I thought I submittd a comment a couple of days ago, but maybe it didn't get there. (My computer is still acting ugly!) It was fun seeing the pictures of your grandkids; they are really growing up. That cake was a beautiful tribute for your son! I usually save my selvages, but usually wind up using them to tie thing up into bundles, or such. I like to keep them to find old fabrics online if I need some more or something. Wish I had something to report, but I still don't! Don't have time to quilt between doctor's visits lately, and in days to come! I did get to go to retreat week before last with my DIL. I had a really good time with the same gang that has been meeting up since 2016. It was wonderful to see them again --- from all over Texas! ---"Love"