Wednesday, June 30, 2021


It's been a while since I have posted because we have been traveling to visit our 2 sons who live in Kansas and Florida.  We had a great time with our son and family in Kansas.  They have 2 boys and we got to go to several baseball games as well as a swim meet.  

Now we are in Florida and will be heading back to Oregon on Monday.  We missed out on the extreme heat in Oregon while we were enjoying the heat and humidity in Florida.  Actually, the temps were higher in Oregon than here during those days.  However, Florida also has much higher humidity and lots more bugs, so it's one thing or the other.

Our son and his wife, along with Abby, 12 years old, live on 2 acres and they enjoy gardening.  My DIL works in the garden a lot while my son works as a registered nurse.  They also have 11 rabbits (they were given 2 female rabbits- or so they thought) and were surprised with 9 bunnies!

Abby is 12 and is going into 8th grade.

The rabbits are a cross between the Rex and Lion head breeds.

I polished Abby's fingernails and she polished my toe nails.

Today we went blue berry picking and will be making blue berry cobbler tomorrow.

Abby likes to sew and I, of course brought my featherweight along on the trip with fabric cut and ready to sew.  I am trying to use up fabric and looked for some patterns that are scrappy with easy blocks.  These blocks filled that requirement and measure at 18".  Abby helped me sew these together and I will be finishing it for her when I get home.


Here she is working on some blocks for another project.  

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you are enjoying the summer and are able to get some quilting too!



  1. Relieved to read that you missed the heat. Abby is delightful and you must be chuffed that she likes to sew. What special times you must have sewing together. Those are big rabbits!

  2. So nice that you are still traveling and able to spend real quality time with your sons and their families. Abby is at a great age now and it looks like you've had a lot of little adventures together. I think doing the everyday things like cooking and sewing and tending the animals together create the memories that will stay with her in the future. Wishing you safe travels on your way back to Oregon.

  3. It's nice that Abby is interested in learning how to quilt. Quilting will continue for at least one more generation. Great job Abby on your first quilt. ;^)

  4. So good to hear you are having, or have had, so much fun with both your sons and families. I've been wondering how you were handling the heat in Oregon! Except for a few days, it's been cooler here than usual, and for that I'm grateful. Looking forward to sewing more in the next month. Cut out some pieces today; hope to get them together tomorrow. I'm having trouble with my computer telling me I must remove some pictures or loose them all, so I may not be posting many pictures. I've saved every picture I've taken since I bought this computer. I need to buy a new computer, but don't want to give up Windows 7; isn't that crazy? No doubt that day is close at hand! Have a safe trip home, and if you are close by here, I hope you will stop by for a quickie visit! ---"Love"

  5. Those bunnies are adorable. So glad your gd has taken a liking to sewing. Another one hopefully hooked lol.

  6. My first thought was “you got a haircut!” How wonderful to have a granddaughter to sew with. I am happy for you. Looks like a great visit. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like a lovely getaway to spend precious time with family. And squeezing in quilting with Abby--bonus!!
    Those bunnies are very cute. :)