Thursday, April 22, 2021

Medallion Quilt

I have been delinquent again!  You would think that I would have tons of spare time to read blogs and add to mine, but the days seem to fly by.

I finished this wall hanging this week and it is hanging in our bedroom.  I found the pattern in the Fall/Winter 2019 Quilt Sampler.  It was designed by Mary Koval, who owns Mary's Quilt Shop in Bedford, Pennsylvania and has the name "Blend Together."  I had a toile for the center, but the picture is kind of light against the pink.  But that was in my stash, so I used it. 

The pattern called for one more border, but I thought it was big enough.  

Here's a close up of the medallion.

The weather has been beautiful lately!  And this dogwood tree is practically in our yard, but actually is in our next door neighbor's yard - about 4-5 feet from our driveway.  We're lucky to have it so close to our house!

We are thankful that it didn't go down when we had the ice storm a couple months ago - I think it was around Valentine's Day.  The branches were weighed way down across our driveway and I was afraid they would crack off, but they didn't!  Thousands of trees didn't make it and our town is still cleaning them up.

I had my 2 vaccinations and didn't have any bad reaction to them (Moderna) thankfully.  

Some of my time has been used up with yard work.  I have planted flowers in the ground and in pots.  My clematis has one blossom and lots of buds on it.  I purchased another one that is purple and will bloom all summer.  My bleeding heart hasn't appeared, so I may buy another one.  But my lily of the valley is blooming and other plants are poking their way out of the ground!  It's a beautiful time of year!


  1. That's a very pretty quilt; I love your borders, and of course, the pink. What beautiful blooms you shared with us! I have a few iris blooming, and the roses are beginning to bloom, even though they never got pruned this past February. That's all the flowers I have blooming, and I've done very little quilting. I did get my Civil War blocks together from 2011, but I'm having lots of trouble getting my backing fabric to match like I want it to, and I barely have enough fabric, if in fact I do have enough! It's an ongoing struggle this week. ---"Love"

  2. Such a pretty tree and a pretty quilt, too! I'm glad the tree was spared in the ice storm. And I'm glad to hear your vaccine didn't cause any trouble. Mine set me back a bit, but in the long run, I'll take that over the actual illness! And I hear you about time flying by too quickly. I have no idea where it goes, but some days I wish I had more to show for it!

  3. What color is your clematis? I have a purple one that grows up and over the back of my mailbox with my careful leading! It doesn’t have blooms yet, but lots of buds.

  4. Your wall hanging is so nice - all those lovely blues. I love a toile center in a medallion quilt. It so sweet and delicate looking. That dogwood is magnificent. We don't have those around here, it gets too cold. But, it is a treat to see one.

  5. Love your little wall hanging. I appreciate the little pink notes here and there. The dogwood tree is fabulous. All I have blooming at the moment are dandelions, haha. ;^)

  6. That’s a lovely wall hanging and the centre toile works well. So that’s a pink dogwood. I’ve only ever seen white ones. Such a pretty true and glad it survived. Spring is bursting upon you while here we are having a proper Autumn for the first time in years and I’m loving it.

  7. Love that medallion! And that beautiful dogwoood!