Wednesday, May 19, 2021


 What does a quilter do when she sees a fat quarter in a sale bin with a baseball theme?  If her grandson loves baseball and plays baseball and especially has a birthday coming up, she purchases it, of course!

I saw the FQ for $2.00 and bought it.  Well, I didn't do anything with it, but on Monday, I knew I better get busy.  The FQ was a good wall hanging by itself, so I put a small border of baseballs around it, quilted it and got it ready to go.

Not only that, but it is his 13th birthday!  On Saturday!  So the wall hanging/banner is in the mail with a book on the Baseball Hall of Fame.  And we will be visiting them - after the birthday - soon.  And we'll get to go to some baseball games!

This will be the first time we will have seen them since Covid!  

Some pictures of the beauty that I get to see on my morning walk,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted much lately.  It's the same old excuse - the time is passing too fast and there aren't enough hours in the day!!  I hope you are having some quilting time today!


  1. That is a great wall hanging for a baseball loving grandson. Yes, it's what grandmas do.
    Love the pretty flowers in your photos. Don't recognize the first one. Are the next two wisteria?

  2. It's so exciting that things are starting to return to normal again. With appropriate caution, of course, but I'm okay with that. The wall hanging is perfect and I think your grandson will love it, though I'd bet he will love seeing you even more! As for blogging - if I didn't force myself to do it weekly, I'd probably end up forgetting for ever.

  3. Your grandson will love the wall hanging for sure! Your flowers are beautiful! I've not done anything but the necessities for a long time! When I feel motivated, I don't have the strength! Keeps me disgusted! ---"Love"

  4. What a super present for your grandson. Spring has definitely sprung in your neck of the woods.